22 April 2006

The Duke case

It never ceases to amaze me how the Left is tolerant and peaceful only when you agree with them. If you have a different opinion on a subject then they name-call, finger-point and hyperventilate. They are hypocrites in every sense.

Now that the Duke rape case has been in the news for a couple weeks, the Left is going to bat on behalf of the stripper.

And why is that? Because she is black and the accused are white.

Worse yet - they are white males - who happen to rich and educated.
Gasp and horror! They they must be REALLY bad kids.

As Michael Savage has pointed out numerous times on his radio show, white males in this country have no advocates. They don't have a voice anymore. The media is stacked against them because the MSM has a tattered history of siding with minorities - regardless of the basis of the accusations. And the minority communities certainly aren't complaining.

When Tawana Brawley accused 6 white men of raping her, the media immediately sided with the victim. Notable black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson lined up for the media circus and never once questioned the veracity of her statements. Of course it turned out she was as crazy as a March hare and made the whole thing up.

When Mike Tyson was accused of raping Desiree Washington, the media initially didn't know how to proceed. They vacilated somewhat because both accuser and accused were black. However, soon after the MSM went to work in defending Mike Tyson. Ms. Washington was accused of being a "gold-digger" who should have known better than to go to a hotel room with a person who is known to be a vicious animal in and outside of the boxing ring.

Or how about OJ? Everyone with half a brain knows that he murdered Nicole and Ron. A history of abuse, the suicide note, the chase in the Bronco, blood on the scene and the admission to police officers.

Kid gloves.

And because the accused players are white, there certainly seems to be rush to judgement in the Duke case. Eventhough 41 players immediately submitted DNA samples, and no match was found, the prosecuting attorney is still pursuing charges against some of the players. The victim's companion stripper that night never saw or heard any evidence of a rape. The only statement the victim's companion made was a 911 call to say that some locals made a racial slur against her.

And then we have to contend with nonsense like this from an unnamed, leftist website:

Fox cries "Whore!"
E.D. Hill, who has always seeemed to us like the meanest PTA mommy ever to make her way onto cable TV, took the progressive route in discussing the Duke rape case: Let's just skip the messy details and call the accuser a whore. Now, the "Fox & Friends" crew are clearly just a bunch of trained collies (No offense, collies!), but their discussion of the alleged rape victim -- whom they all insist on referring to as "the stripper" -- was pretty remarkable. Hill starts by marveling how much the woman makes as a stripper, then wonders why a student would need to make that much money when her tuition is only $1,800 a semester. Sure, she has two children, but Hill points out that she's divorced, and so "you assume that she's getting some child support" -- a really moronic assumption. The absurdity of a wealthy TV talking head questioning why a working class mother would dare make a living wage is obviously lost on these numbskulls. Instead, Hill imagines that The Stripper could make as much as $800 a day, which prompts co-anchor Brian Kilmeade to wag his tail, get out his super-duper fast mental calculator and report that, at that rate, "you could pay for your tuition in less than a month!"
~ Some Leftist online site (anon)

I knew a stripper who worked at the Tanga Lounge in Tampa Florida. She made over $150,000 per year - tax free - at that club. No prostitution, she was simply a dancer there. I'm sure that if she decided to take up some "work" on the side, she could have made even more. High Class call girls can make $500 to $1,000 per call. I'm not saying that I know what this accuser makes at her job but I'm sure she makes a decent wage.

Additionally, because the accuser is a minority woman, it is remarkable to see how the media immediately takes the side of the accuser. When the roles are reversed, black criminal - white victim, there is hardly a peep in the mainstream media.

Back in 2000, the Carr brothers beat, robbed or raped 7 people - all were white. Today this week long string of mayhem is known as the Witchita Massacre.

Was Jesse Jackson seen trumpeting the cries for justice for these victims? Not in the least. Where is the outrage from Jesse and the MSM at the release of the video of the attack of the Vegas hotel worker by 15 black teens?

Nothing. Just the small drone of crickets in the night.

So I'll wait and see how this story develops but it appears that the prosecutor is being propelled by political sensitivies into charging these young men with something that they probably didn't do.

But hey - what do I know? I'm just some stupid white guy. Is my opinion harsh? Well, just like the rapper Ice Cube said a number of years ago about the racism in the lyrics of most NWA songs, " Some things just needed to be said."

I'll take my cue from "da Cube" and say what needs to be said.

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