21 April 2006

Crackdown on Illegals? Yea, right.

Here is something you need to understand: Your government thinks you're an idiot.

The MSM was all abuzz yesterday with the news that the INS / Feds had begun 'illegal immigrant sweeps' throughout the US.

The illegal immigration "crackdown' the White House is reporting is a fraud.

Over 95% of the illegal aliens they are catching are being released with a notice to appear in court. This is the same useless Catch and Release technique they are using at the border. 90% of the illegals caught and given orders to appear never show up.

This is just a 'wag the dog' action by the US government. They're diverting your attention, and your anger, at their lackluster response to enforcing our immigration laws. They arrested 1,200 nationwide - that leaves 19,988,800 more to go!
In Chicago, the Illegal Immigrant Mobs are already protesting that 26 illegals were arrested.

The INS should pull up in 20 black vans at these protests and just start loading 'em up.

I'm happy that they at least started to do something. We'll see if they continue to enforce the immigration laws.

Go here and here for details.

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