20 April 2006

Bush to INS: Stand down!

The Bush administration has waged a concerted effort in forcing the INS to stop enforcing our immigration laws.

Posted at Michelle Malkin is the following Homeland Security analysis document:


As Rubenstein points out, this means that from 1997 to 2003, worksite arrests under the Bush administration fell by a factor of some 97 percent since 1997--and plunged by another 2/3rds by 2004.
Where have they been all this time?
As for getting tough on employers, Rubenstein also notes these stunning statistics: "[O]f the 3,064 workforce investigations closed [in 2004], fines were imposed in just 3 (three!) of them – one out of one thousand. By contrast, fines were imposed in about 11 percent of closed investigations in 1997."

Notices of intent to fine employers:
1997: 865
1999: 417
2000: 178
2001: 100
2003: 162
2004: 3

(Courtesy of http://michellemalkin.com)

George Bush has succeeded in reining in the INS and handcuffing its agents.

Thanks alot Georgie - makes me SO fucking happy that I wasted my vote on you : Twice!

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