27 April 2006

Bush and his Asshole-Buddies

I used to work with a guy who grew up on Long Island, New York. His name is Steve W. Our collective boss was a schuck who walked around like a rooster in a henhouse. He fancied himself a ladies' man but his most annoying trait was his propensity to smile in your face but to bad-mouth you behind your back.

A real 'leader' in the corporate world.

Steve had a great name for our boss whenever our boss was sitting in his glass office schmoozing it up with someone who we all knew he didn't like. Steve would say, "Look at Sam. He and Nick are Asshole-Buddies."

I said, "What's an asshole-buddy?"

"An asshole-buddy is someone who's an asshole until you need him to be your buddy."

Well Bush and his new Asshole-Buddies have alot of 'splaining to do.

Six Meat Buffet links to a post over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller blog.

Talk about hitting a homerun!

Check out this rant on Bush and the current puppy-love between Republicans and Democrats:

Oh yes, it’s going to be a fun, fun November this year.
President “Wide Open Borders, as Long as You’re a Criminal” Bush and his kissing cousin Ted Kennedy’s deal to reward criminal activity and thus ensure even more of the same (that’s called “logic.” Reward something — get more of it. Punish something — get less of it) continues apace with Senate RINOs fellating Democrats left, right and center.

This guy hits it right on the head. It's better to get pissed off than pissed on.

Enjoy your imminent minority status, you lying, treacherous, arrogant RINO assholes. You earned it. In spades. Along with our eternal and undying derision and scorn.

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