03 April 2006

Baghdad Burning

In the last few years there have been a number of 'authors' who were caught pretending to be someone else. In other words, they were fakes.

The list of fakers includes James Frey and his work "A Million Little Pieces", 'Nasdijj' and JT LeRoy.

Nasdijj, a Native American bestselling author, is in fact, a white male writer of gay erotica named Timothy Barrus.

While the idea of creative writing is based on inventing characters and situations (ie. fiction), the current craze of 'reality" writing has imposed an artificial level of credibility on much of what is published.

Nick Sylvester was fired from the Village Voice for including a paragraph in a story about the novel The Game because he claimed to have had a meeting in a bar with some out of town TV writers.

All of this leads me to this story - encapsulated in a blog called Baghdad Burning.

It is written by a woman who claims to be an iraqi, living in iraq, and writing about the War and American occupation. I just read snippets from it. Her writings are all about how awful it is to have Americans in her country, how brutally savage US forces are, how we are taking credit for rebuilding things that the iraqis themselves are constructing....blah, blah, blah......it's all stuff that the Daily Kos, Moveon.org and Michael Moore are continually pontificating.

I won't show the address to her blog because I don't link to Leftwing MoonBat websites. Well sometimes I do - salon.com most notably. Now, I don't know this for sure, but I'd be willing to bet that this 'girl from iraq' blog is fake.

Yep - I know it's hard to believe that a Leftwing, Bush-Bashing, American-Hating blogger could make up story after story in which the author is nothing that she says that she is but, I'd say that this is the case. The one thing that stands out about the unhinged-Left is their utter lack of creativity. They can't even come up with a coherent plan to battle Islamic terrorists.


If we jump ahead about 18 months from now, I'll bet that the blog author of Baghad Burning will turn out to be none other than Ted Kaczynski. Then they'll have to change the blog title to the "UnaBlogger".


Gavin J Dent said...

You state your opinions as if they are facts. If you have proof that the author is a fraud then list your proof.

It is easy to slam a blog because you do not like its contents and to discredit peoples opinions that you disagree with.

To be honest I hope you are right. Because - if this blog is genuine I can't imagine the horror of having to live in Iraq today.

Rue St. Michel said...

Gavin, I said that it was my opinion and a hypothesis - I never said that I have proof that the blog is authored by someone else.

Thanks for sharing your opinion and reading my blog - all I'm saying is Give War A Chance!