14 March 2006

Tattoo You


Ann Bauer, writing for Salon, describes her manic descent into a maelstrom of dionysian frenzy by, of all things, getting a tattoo when she was just shy of her 40th birthday.

Like an initiate in a tribal ceremony, she is whisked from the safety of her pre-dusk home, and transported through a labrynth of mercury vapor street lamps, down a darkened concrete tunnel and finally into the 'inner sanctum' of the village medicine man, er - woman.

There she is seated and the tattoo artist weaves her magic spell of buzzing needles, searing luxurious pain, and undertones of smoldering sexual tension.

As I read the story, I kept picturing that Ann looked like this :

[hat tip: Tonya.me.uk] ....

....The fantasy was far from the reality. It turns out that this mother of 3 is just a frumpy, middle-aged, divorced loser looking to prop up her boring existence and thin feminine ego, with a "dangerous liaison".

Rats! Fooled again.


Crimefile said...

But what did you expect from anyone who writes for that Communist site Salon.com?

She fits that image.

Rue St. Michel said...

Salon is my favorite source for Leftist drivel ... it is a virtual goldmine of snivelling Moonbat hysteria.

I even subscribe to their email newsletter so that the socialist pandering gets delivered to my inbox every morning like a hot pile of dogshit.

My policy is not to link to Leftist sites but, credit must be given where credit is due.

You can't get better entertainment than that! Ha...ha...