08 March 2006

Take the eggs and run!

A "trick question" on Abortion | Salon.com

Call us juvenile, but this amused us.

As the religious right tees up a Supreme Court fight over abortion, some voices on the left are pushing the "life begins at conception" argument to its logical extremes. Last month at firedoglake, Jane Hamsher asked what an antiabortion person would do if he found himself in a burning fertility clinic with a 2-year-old child and a petri dish full blastulas -- and couldn't save both.
Mike S, who runs a blog that encourages liberals to torment right-wing talk radio hosts, took up the torch by calling into WABC and putting the question to host Andrew Wilkow.

Wilkow wouldn't say what he would do. "You can put anybody in a stupid, 'Catch-22' situation," he sputtered. "What if I can grab all the petri dishes and the kid and make everybody happy? You want to know why this is idiotic? Because you're the type of person that would burn a cop at the stake in a shoot-or-not-shoot situation where they have one Mississippi to make a decision, and you want me to tell you what I'd do in a burning building situation?"

~ Salon, March 8, 2006

This snippet from Salon.com shows just how deluded you, as a Leftist, have to be. They put some cretin up to call Conservative TalkRadio shows in order to pose the question, "what [would] an anti-abortion person would do if he found himself in a burning fertility clinic with a 2-year-old child and a petri dish full blastulas -- and couldn't save both." While this is a paradox and is patently unanswerable, the Left doesn't care about realities. Sure, most people with a split second to react, would grab the 2 year old because the impulse to self-preservation would require that you grab the little person that has two legs and can walk - being the most expeditious manner of getting you out fast!

But what begs the question of whether or not blastulas are 'life' is not what stage of growth they're in but, if a pregant woman is murdered. Isn't her murderer charged with taking two lives? Doesn't the law implicitly recognize that there are two distinct living people who are murdered? When the pregnant mother is killed, the State doesn't bring charges of "Blastula destruction" against the murderer - it's murder.

The Left loves to argue and the more convoluted and intellectual they can sound, the better. The Left loves to play at philosophy because it is an environment with no hard rules. It is an amorphous dreamscape that ebbs and flows with one's feelings. They twist the language like a pretzel and make knots out of words like a yeoman on a yankee cutter.
I found this at a Liberal blog that shall remain nameless because I refuse to link to such Marxist drivel:

The secret philosophy of the encounter ... "catches a moving train" and, with strong arms, jumps on the wagon that runs from eternity like Heraclitus' water, without knowing where it comes from and where it's going. Through Althusser's image we see in the materialist philosopher almost an IWW activist who travels through America to trigger off strikes, hiding from the cops and beating the industrial centres and mine pits along the railway… - Augusto Illuminati.
[...] The image of the vagabond who boards a train without knowing where it has come from or where it is going is a recurrent metaphor for the materialist practice of philosophy in Althusser's later writings, and it is one that has powerful resonances for many readers.
~ Cognitive Labour, "Borderlines"

They're more interested in sounding the depths of nonsensical scenarios. Burning questions like: if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound, what is the sound of one-hand clapping, or what was the face you had before your parents were born - are all fodder for Leftist word salad.

I make a distinction between personal revelations and public policy. While it is noble for a person to devote time and energies to engaging in seeing every person as equal, turning the other cheek, helping the poor, contributing to charitable foundations, or supporting local artists - applying those tenets absolutely through public policy is ludicrous. Dhimmi Carter tried to do just that and plunged our society into a tempest of economic and moral torpitude.

Regular readers to my blog know that I'm a Pro-Choice conservative but that my issue with Roe vs. Wade is that a Liberal Supreme Court arbitrarily decided to invent the 'Right' to privacy out of thin air. There is no explicit 'Right to Privacy" in the US Constitution. If they can go out of their way to conjure such nonsense, then they can further project their Liberal utopian agendas on other areas of our lives. Effectively bypassing the ballot box and imposing their agendas on the majority.

That is why I understand perfectly why Conservatives adhere to the Pro-Life platform.

If I were running a Conservative TalkShow and was faced with this question from a Moonbat, I'd simply say, "Since Man creates his own reality, Nothing exists without his Will to Power therefore You do not exist."

- and then just hang up.

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