14 March 2006

Support HR4437

The pandering to illegal immigration special interest groups continues. There is a petition to stop HR4437 - Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 - going around. Obviously I think it is a strong and sensible piece of legislation that we desperately need.

With 30% of our Federal Prison population being Illegal immigrants, it is time to step up and quit buying the lies about illegal immigration.

A recent demonstration in downtown Chicago, attended by about 75,000 illegals, saw this snippet from an attendee:
At the naturalization event in the State of Illinois Building, several new citizens said they became more conscious of their political power after Friday's event. Alpha Bah, who hails from the African nation of Guinea, said he was excited to cast his first vote. "The rally was exciting," said Bah, 34, of Zion. "Now, when I vote, I have to make sure that I help protect the rights of immigrants in this country."

So Alpha thinks that he's voting to 'protect the rights of immigrants'. Does he mean immigrants who are now citizens or, does he mean immigrants who are here illegally? Probably the latter.

Illegal immigrants need to go home. Not because we don't like them, and not because they aren't good people. And not because they are different from us. America welcomes diversity, and we have communities of people from all over the world. Illegal immigrants need to go home because they broke our laws. They came to this country illegally. They lied about themselves and used forged documents, which is a felony. They took jobs they were not entitled to, and they did not play by the rules that millions of legal immigrants chose to respect. Illegal immigrants tried to build a life based on lies and deception. What they did was wrong and against the law.They need to go back to their native land and fight for change. They need to demand an end to the graft, the corruption and the inequality that has paralyzed their nations and kept their people poor. They need to take back their countries, and we need to take back ours.
~Chicago Tribune Opinion page

From HR4437 SEC. 1302.FINDINGS.

(1) The mission of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is to faithfully execute the immigration laws enacted by Congress and to ensure that only those aliens who are eligible under such laws and who do not pose a risk to the United States or its citizens or lawful residents are able to obtain permission to remain in the United States.

(2) Only United States citizens have an absolute right to be in the United States; for all others, permission to enter and reside here, either as nonimmigrants or immigrants, is a privilege that is conditioned on following the rules of one's admission and stay.

(3) It is important that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, like all other Federal agencies that come into close contact with the public their customers.

(4) Immigration benefits fraud has become endemic. It undermines the rule of law and threatens national security, and so must be addressed aggressively and consistently.

(5) Internal corruption also threatens national security and erodes the integrity of the immigration system. In order to restore integrity and credibility to the system, the backlog of complaints against United States Citizenship and Immigration Services employees must be cleared by experienced investigators as expeditiously as possible without compromising the quality of investigations.

Let's stop penalizing immigrants who apply for citizenship and go about the process legally. Let's stop rewarding the people who's very first action in this country (stepping over the border), is breaking the law.

You can email the following US Senators to let them know that we need HR4437:

Senator McCain
Senator Feingold
Senator Clinton
Senator Schumer
Senator Obama
Senator Durbin

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