03 March 2006

Rick spelled with the silent "P"

Rick Steves can now join the ranks of entertainers-cum-political-pundits. He can stand shoulder to shoulder with Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, and Kanye West and The Dixie Chicks. Steves is now at critical mass - that point in an actor or entertainers life where he or she becomes successful enough to insulate themselves in a coccoon of deluded self-importance. The next step for them is to vocalize the messages that the they hear in their own heads and share it with the rest of us ignorant gnomes. Steves thinks he has some truly important ideas to share with us Red Staters, who are too busy hugging the flag and clutching onto our collective bibles to know any better. Steves joins the other idiotic actors who divert themselves from what they do best and attempt to play a new role - that of highpowered Political Analyst.

Steves thinks that we spend too much on our military, that there are "clever people" [Bush/Cheney/Rove] "with a different agenda". He continues - "They use Osama bin Laden to scare us — even terrorize us — into funding an agenda that's weakening our country."


Rick Steves, the erstwhile host of "Rick Steves Europe" and a frequent face on PBS fund-drives, has launched himself onto the national media by claiming that we're spending too much on our military. He stated on yesterday's Michael Medved show that we should use Federal funding to create art and music classes in schools - "just like when I was a boy". Medved called him to the carpet and demanded to know since when did the Federal government pay for art and music classes in local grammar schools? Of course the quisling canadian didn't have an adequate answer. Hmmm....

This is the same Rick Steves who argued that the city of Edmonds should take down US flags, raised in support of our troops being sent overseas to Iraq?

Why yes it is.

Steves, like a good Liberal lickspittle, doesn't have the facts to support his agenda. As a percentage of GNP, we spend less than 5% on our military. And the overwhelming percentage of the costs go towards salaries of our soldiers. Steves wants us to use Europe as a model of military spending since Asia and Europe spend less. What Steves doesn't understand (and that is alot) is that overseas countries have drafts - conscripted armies - we don't.

"The United States spends as much on its military as the rest of humanity combined: more than $400 billion annually (not including the hundreds of billions of dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan). These military expenses are "off limits" as we sharpen our collective pencils to find $39 billion to cut from domestic programs. And yet, despite our already huge military expenditures, these days it's hard to get elected without promising even more military spending."

Like Sir Neville Chamberlain, Steves has decided that our best course of action when confronted by a hostile, dynamic and religiously-motivated enemy is to cry -It's none of our business! If we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone! Brian Crouch identified Steves long ago as a socialist-leaning, quisling coward who's only advice is to capitualate. Like Chamberlain, if Steves met OBL he'd probably come back and claim - "I like all the Al-quaeda leaders, even al-Zarahaway, and I was much impressed, interested and amused by the visit. I think the regime absolutely fantastic."

Steves must get along with everyone in order to do what he does. He cannot have strong opinions about a topic because, in his line of work, you must be flexible and open-minded. He is an avowed 'Europhile" and that is fine. I am too - to some extent - but to claim that EurAbia has it all figured out is not a rational statement.

...what if we decided that, rather than being outvoted routinely in the U.N. 140-4 on Cuba, Israel, torture, the international court, and issues of desperate importance to the developing world (such as global warming, land mines, debt relief and AIDS), we believed it was good for our "homeland security" interests to be supported by the U.N. 140-4? Instead of being at odds with the rest of the world, we could join the family of nations in dealing with the pressing problems that confront us all.

It is sad to see another American take up the cause against us by seeking a strategy of capitulation and defeat. Although I'm sure Rick Steves means well, he seems to have a good heart and cares passionately about people, cultures and the Arts, his strategies would be a death trap for the US and her allies. He has literally taken Dhimmi Carter's policies to heart.

It comes down to not being able to differentiate between personal concern and public policy. What is good for your personal life is not readily applicable to public police. Appeasement, capitulation and understanding should be for our allies - death, and martyrdom for our enemies.

And yes - they are our enemies.

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John said...

Michael, How can you be so blind? Really. Everything Rick Steves stands for and says is based on truth. He's way more clued in to smart solutions to world problems than your narrow minded ass will ever know. And you prove this all the time with offensively stupid naziesque comments.You should look upon Rick as a beacon of light that might help lead you out of your dark world denial.You're pitiful sometimes, did you know that?