25 March 2006

A Real Reporter

Recent headlines show just how the miserable cowards in the US Media react when embedded with our troops at war. Some are good, honest journalists but most are just over there to foment dissent at home with salacious morale dampening drivel.

Just yesterday a story broke about a reporter who claims to have witnessed US Forces go into a cafe during a firefight without first announcing that they were US Soldiers. You're going into a spot with hostiles pointing AKs at you and you're expected to announce yourself first?

WTF? Are they kidding? I hope they publish this reporter's name and home address.

Michael Yon is a journalist embedded with the Deuce4. His journals and photos come right from the front lines. He understands what our soldiers are going through and labels the bad guys as terrorists.

Check out this article - he was right there snapping pictures when his team got into it with a few terrorists.

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