01 March 2006

M'thinks they doth protest too much

Garrison Keillor steps down from the rarified heights of Mount Elitist to harangue us proletarians that we need to impeach Bush. Keillor says the president is out of touch and doesn't know what's going on. Keillor, the voice-over actor, author and radio personality - seems to be well-versed on what the president knows and doesn't know.

What is strikingly apparent is that Keillor is a fool.

He gives lip service to his loyalty to America and her Constitution and rallys around the "freedom" flag but his actions are the true tribute to the totalitarian beliefs that are the core of his persona. Lost in the foggy realm of Lake Woebegone, Keillor lost touch with reality long ago. Here is an excerpt from his Salon.com piece.

...arguing America had ratified the Geneva Convention that forbids cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners, and so it has the force of law. They seemed to be arguing that the president has the right to order prisoners to be tortured.

One such prisoner, Mohammed al-Qahtani, was held naked in isolation under bright lights for months, threatened by dogs, subjected to unbearable noise volumes, and otherwise abused, so that he begged to be allowed to kill himself. When the Senate approved the Torture Convention in 1994, it defined torture as an act "specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering." Is the law a law or is it a piece of toast?

Our adventure in Iraq, at a cost of trillions, has brought that country to the verge of civil war while earning us more enemies than ever before.

.....The peaceful lagoon that is the White House is designed for the comfort of a vulnerable man. Perfectly understandable, but not what is needed now. The U.S. Constitution provides a simple ultimate way to hold him to account for war crimes and the failure to attend to the country's defense. Impeach him and let the Senate hear the evidence.

Wow. Mohammed al-Qahtani was held naked? And forced to endure bright lights and loud music? That is sooo terrible! And I wonder what combatant uniform al-Qahtani was wearing when he was captured by US Forces? Because for the Geneva Convention to be applicable, the combatant must be part of a designated Army. He was only wearing a burka? Oh well - sucks to be you, Mohammed.

Keillor is a quisling.

The real issue here and why the Left is bagging on Bush is because they're looking for some 'payback' due to their beloved William Jefferson Clinton being Impeached. They're just dying to show that the Right was wrong when they forced WJC to endure testimony before House panels - and was then caught lying under oath. I'd love to hear what "evidence" the Left has on Bush's 'warcrimes' - probably Cindy Sheehan would testify that her son visited her in a dream and said, "No WMDs - Bush Lied - People Died." That would probably enough for Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer to move directly for a vote of Impeachment.

Predictably, Keillor is silent when it comes to outrages, murders and assassinations committed by Muslim terrorists. Here is just another sad, pathetic example of someone who sips Chardonnay at Press Club parties and uses his platform to diminish and divide our country. In Keillor's adolescent fantasy of how the world works - the formula is "America Bad - Enemies Good"

There are no High Crimes and Misdemeanors that the Left can attach to Bush - they'd like to think that they can rewrite history and force their socialist colleagues in the MSM to spearhead an attack on the President.

The only place their charge will lead them is over the cliff.

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