22 March 2006

Media lends helping hand to Taliban Commander

Lisa Myers and her Quisling Captors at MSNBC interviewed a Taliban commander who claims to be responsible for the direct deaths of almost 20 US soldiers - including 3 Navy SEALS and 16 soldiers who arrived in a helicopter to rescue downed servicemen in the field.

WASHINGTON - Four years after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, Taliban and al Qaeda fighters are showing renewed strength, using suicide bombs and rocket-propelled grenades. They are even training the next generation.
Since June 2005, 54 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan, by far the most lethal period since the U.S. invaded.
Behind some of the most deadly attacks is one man, a 35-year-old Afghan who calls himself “Commander Ismail.”

MSNBC interviewed this terrorist in August of '05 then again this month.

MSNBC apparently didn't go to the US authorities with any of this INTEL - though that would really be asking alot from these agenda-driven weasels.

Instead of doing something that would help the US soldiers who are in overseas theaters of combat, MSNBC decided to take this important information and publish it. The article is clearly slanted to show that the "insurgents" are strong and, just may be winning. The article is a "pile on" to the Bush Administration and is intended to highlight that these "insurgents" are not the Terrorists that Your Mother told you about - they are simply "freedom fighters" who are battling an imperialistic hegemony who is couching its aggressive military actions in words like "freedom", "liberty" and "democracy".

Our troops are doing a fantastic job over there and deserve to be credited for establishing a stable atmosphere in Iraq, killing terrorists and for preserving Liberty in the middle east. They are heroes.

Commander Taliban is not a hero. He is just another murdering theocratic thug whose highest motivation is to kill as many Westerners and Jews as he can so that he can get to be with those infamous 72 virgins.

Our MSM is a joke - only nobody is laughing.

For some positive news reporting out of Iraq, please go to http://michaelyon.blogspot.com

Semper fidelis!

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