06 March 2006

Ahhh ... young love

Imagine a nice quiet suburb where a mother and father have worked hard to put away enough money to allow their only daughter to go to college. Kenna does well at school and decides to go downstate to attend a state university. Her parents, the Johanssens, are proud of their little girl.

Things are going well but then Kenna's grades start to slip a little. She doesn't call home as much and she's very terse when talking. She seems distracted - like something's on her mind.

Kenna calls and says that she's coming home just before Easter and adds, "I'm bringing someone."

She arrives and drops a bomb: "Mom, Dad - I'm in love," she giggles. "I want you to meet him. He's totally awesome."

The door swings open and a young man steps out from behind the door.

Kenna Johanssen says, "I want you to meet Fernando. And guess what? -- We're going to have a baby!"



Anonymous said...

OK. I'll take the front of the line.

And, did Dad say..."Flaco, remember me?....I was on the jury that convicted you, you mope!"

Crimefile said...

I wonder how many copper's daughters have brought home some winners?


Rue St. Michel said...

Dad: "Um, nice to, uh, meet you, uh Flaco."

Flaco: "Yea I'm been tapping that ass for months now yo - it's da shizzle. I got mad skills with da hoochies. Pimpin ain't easy, pops."

Sabian said...

I was Mr. Anon from the original post....decided to have an identity here.

Sad thing is....These suburban Dad's would go with the flow and end up paying the rent, etc. Writing checks to Mr. Rivera in Humboldt Park. And, the first born will be "Flaco Jr." and Mom & Dad can drive their daughter down to Pontiac to show Flaco...daddy...papi....sperm donor, his LATEST creation.

I have a teenage daughter myself. Time to pray to Saint Seiser.

Anonymous said...

Aieee papi!!

Anonymous said...

That was always one of my biggest fears, that my daughter would come home with a guy like that. Thank God she didn't and in fact has turned out to be just like me in so far as opinions about life, society and things that are important to the Police etc.