27 March 2006

Against illegal immigration: You're Racist

Illegal Immigration - There is passion on both sides.

Unfortunately, the side in support of illegal immigration uses violence to get its message across.
During a protest in Munster Indiana yesterday, supporters of Illegals getting home loans and access to other resources beat up a 61 year old man.

The reason?

The elderly gentleman said it is wrong to give home loans to undocumented people.

And here is where we are now folks. Back in the 80's we bought the lie that these people work hard, pay taxes and, just want a better life.

We were lazy. We didn't want to step up and do what was needed. We were asleep at the switch.

They said that other immigrant groups came here with the same difficulties and made a life for themselves and became decent American citizens. While decendents of German, Italian and Irish immigrants have left their cultural connection to their respective homelands behind them, not so for our Mexican-American colleagues.

Ask them, "Are you American?"

"We are Mexican," is the standard reply.

Insulated is the word to describe the presence of our Mexican brethren. And with 30% of our prison population being illegal Mexicans, we can see what type of person is crossing our southern border.

Mexicans want to preserve their heritage, culture and language. I see it everyday on the north and west sides of the city. On 16Sept all you see are cars floating around with Mexican flags on display and blaring Mexican music.

The mouthpieces for these people claim that the illegal immigrant wants to be a part of the American Dream. Then why don't they fly the US Flag on July 4th? The answer: Because they don't care. The part of the American Dream that they want is the Money.

Many don't bother to learn the language - why should they? They want to hold on to their culture and they know viscerally that once they start to speak english, the inexorable slide in to mainstream US culture will begin.

But that would mean that they'd have to get a drivers license, and pay taxes, and maybe - Oh my God - turn in their LINK card!

So almost 20 years after the last Amnesty, we find the number of illegal immigrants has risen and now they have the numbers to force US politicians to bend to the will of the illegal. 500,000 Illegal Immigration Supporters marched in LA. Do anti-Immigration forces have the wherewithal to protest too?

No. Because we've all got jobs to go to.

The operative word here is Illegal - I'm all for legal immigration. I want to see deportations - deport the illegal Russians, the illegal Polish, the illegal Nigerians : send them back!

Just because illegal Mexicans have greater numbers doesn't give them the right to twist our politics or our laws. The moment they stepped onto our soil in violation of immigration laws, the became criminals. Our democracy is made up of our citizens. The laws are the product of the voices of our citizens.

Illegal Immigrants have no voice - nor should they. Support HR4437.


Dan said...

Damn right.

Anonymous said...


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rgvkid956 said...

u know mr.st.michel i agree on alot of ur opinions but i must say that as a texan and of mexican descent, i have heard alot of the same rants from white supremacist.Lets not forget who took this land from who! i know some bad flow comes from the south but look what came from the east, we cross a river but the settlers crossed an ocean. i agree, sign the book on the way in but if all u hoped 4 came true take a trip to ur local market and u will c a very lonely produce section!

RGVKID956 said...

on the middle east, our boys r doing a stand up job no doubt,but i believe we had any business in the fucking desert! we should look to our own borders and security and let he rest of the world worry about there own goddamn problems! all the insurgents and islamic radicalist r cowards, perverting a religion to fit their own fucking justifications! 72 virgins and rivers flowing with honey....give me a fucking break in that case y dont i convert and go take a hospital out. fuck that!

Rue St. Michel said...

I appreciate your comments. I have no issue with people being connected with their ethnic identities - it's a big country and we're all immigrants from somewhere....my only problem is with illegal immigration. It is unfair, unsafe and destroying our country. We're getting people who don't want to be Americans - we're getting people who only want to come here to make money and live in an environment which affords a higher living standard. We all need to be united as Americans and keep together.

Mejores saludos, carnal! Estamos de accuerdo en todo.