01 March 2006

2nd Amendment in Action

[hat tip:Keep and Bear Arms]

MIAMI -- A man shot and killed another man trying to rob him at a gas station early Tuesday morning, according to Miami-Dade County police. Police said the victim was approached by an armed man at a BP gas station on West Dixie Highway at about 4 a.m. Gas station employees said the robber was a 22-year-old man who went by the street name "S.P."

A witness said S.P. came into the parking lot, saw the victim wearing a gold chain, pulled a gun and demanded that he hand over the chain, NBC 6's Jeff Burnside reported.

The victim was also carrying a gun. Police said he shot and killed the robber during a confrontation. NBC6 news

Now that is street justice.

A day without a story like this is like a day without sunshine.


Crimefile said...

Good things happen when the Mugger Protection Act gets repealed!

Just a handful of States left to learn the benefits of Shall Issue Concealed Weapons Permits!

Anonymous said...

"From my cold dead hand."