01 February 2006

The Politically Insensitive Strikes again

Again - haven't we learned? You cannot publish an image showing the face of The Almighty Prophet Mohammed - May His Face forever be Obscured and Blessed - in a free and open press! The Koran - May the Holy Word of Allah Spread Like Fleas on the Underside of a Camel - specifically prohibits such practices. No wonder our Muslim brothers and sisters are rioting all over the world. It is an outrage!

Here is the latest example of the atrocities that are being hurled at our Beloved Prophet:


I demand that this insensitive image be stricken from all public records and freely published newspapers worldwide!

Al-Jazeerah can, certainly continue to publish and show the beheadings of Infidels - that of course will continue because the Koran says that that is a good thing.


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