26 February 2006

Here come the Internet Cops

TelComs want to add a tollway to the internet where you'd have to pay - simply adding additional "lanes" isn't good enough.

You knew that at some point telcoms would want to start finding new ways to bleed customers. So much for Freedom and innovation.


Shadi said...

DAre I say we need Al Gore back to SAVE the INternet he "CREATED" ? ;-) The right spun him a grave on all that stuff- I say his global warning presentation on LINK TV... pretty damn scary stuff... Antarctic Ice falling in the sea at an incredible rate... talk about abortion... we're aborting our ecosystems via our population explosion... whaddya you say RSM ? ? ?

Rue St. Michel said...

I agree with you, Shadi. It is a fact that we're enjoying a higher median temperature. And yes the glaciers and ice sheets are melting at a faster rate than they were 150 years ago - BUT -

Scientists (Climatologists) cannot agree as to WHY this is happening. There is a solid basis for believing that this is a NATURAL and CYCLICAL event that has nothing to do with greenhouse gases.

I don't know his political stand (would guess that he's a bit Left-Leaning) but Micheal Crighton did this fantastic presentation called "Fear, Complexity, Environmental Management" Here is the link to the piece. Go check it out - it is thorough and well done. His bottom line is that hysteria and exaggeration are what we've come to expect - and that those collective beliefs can create the very environment you envision.


Anonymous said...

Television and water used to be free once upon a time.Just wait until we get that "Air tax." It's all about revenue baby!