28 February 2006

Economy is - gasp! - Good

CNN reports that the unemployment rate dropped to 4.7 percent, the lowest in almost 5 years. From November through January, the economy created 230,000 new jobs each month. (Since May of 2003, 5 million jobs have been created.)

The Labor Department said the unemployment rate dipped to 4.7 percent from 4.9 in December, the lowest since 4.6 percent in July 2001, just before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Economists had forecast that the rate would remain unchanged from December.

This is bad news for pessimistic Democrats who thought that they could blame, yet another problem on, George W. Bush. Sorry to say for the Defeat-O-Crats, better luck next time.

Journalism without the Journal

Although Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have you believe otherwise, the mainstream media here in the US typically turns a blind eye to crimes committed by 'people of color.' If a white man commits a serious crime, his picture will appear in the paper. If the offender of a violent crime is black, there will be no physical description of him and his photograph will rarely appear in the story. Fact.

Hate Crime laws are only enforced when the offender is white and the victim is black or hispanic. Fact.

The press never discusses the factors involved when a community "gentrifies" (ie. has an influx of white homeowners) - they only cover the unfairness and outrage that the local residents fling around in their myopic worldview. When Bucktown started to gentrify, many "urban pioneers" were victimized by the "good citizens" of West Humboldt park. Fact.

Frankly I'm surprised that impoverished areas of the city don't welcome whites with open arms. These areas are shown to have lower violent crime with attendantly higher property values. Seems like a win/win, right?

Well all societies have their own sets of taboo topics - this happens to be one of ours. I'm probably going to get called to the carpet for even discussing the issue of race, crime and news coverage.

Just like in Germany you can't discuss Hitler or the Nazis - it's just not done.

Stories written in the MSM are supposed to reflect the good and positive only. Negatives are to be reframed into something that is not so bad. Sure, the journalist can report about how Jamal killed 4 people during a home invasion but Jamal's story will be sure to include:

* He was brought up in a broken home, in a high crime and economically depressed area.
* He was forced to join a gang because he had no choice.
* He was forced to sell and do drugs and alcohol because the neighborhood's economic deprivation caused him to do it.
* Jamal was only doing home invasions because he needed money to support his family.

The list of excuses is legion.

So I'm not at all surprised to see that the European Press has now taken up the Policital Correctness Flag and has begun to downplay, or outright ignore, crimes committed by Muslims.

No Pasaran has a roster of crimes committed in and around Paris by Muslims - that French papers won't even touch.

12 February : 2 twenty somethings are arrested for kidnapping the mother and brother of French rapper 'Booba' [Ed. - somewhere in a shithole suburb of Paris].
13 February : A 49 year old man in Montrouge [Ed. - suburb of Paris] is discovered dead on his bed. His hands and feet are bound and his mouth id stuffed full of neckties.
15 February : A 30 year old Asian women, gagged and blindfolded with masking tape, is thrown from the 3rd floor of an apartment in La Courneuve [Ed. - a true shithole suburb of Paris].
16 February : Doctors, dentists, and nurses demonstrate in Vénissieux [Ed. - suburb of Lyon known for Islamic extremism; at least one of its residents wound up at Gitmo] against repeated muggings and robberies (3 since December).

As usual, Mark Steyn has gotten it right -

Two years ago, a 23-year-old Paris disc jockey called Sebastien Selam was heading off to work from his parents' apartment when he was jumped in the parking garage by his Muslim neighbor Adel. Selam's throat was slit twice, to the point of near-decapitation; his face was ripped off with a fork; and his eyes were gouged out. Adel climbed the stairs of the apartment house dripping blood and yelling, "I have killed my Jew. I will go to heaven."

Our right to Free Expression is our most import right. With our MSM muzzling news items out of a misplaced sense of political correctness, how can we say that we're truly free?

Stalin would be very proud of our Modern Journalism - without the journal.

27 February 2006

The ACLU in action

With all the Seiser-Cartoon-Craziness, I'm alittle behind on current events.

Yesterday, Stop the ACLU posted this cartoon at their blog -

[hat tip and more images at: Parleyhellewell.com]

Ain't it the truth? A picture is worth 1,003 words.

A Man for the Ages

26 February 2006

If you had any doubts....

The hardest working coppers in 024.

The steady eye of a savvy, world-class primary investigator.

From The Shining:

UPDATE: see also Here for More Seiser Silliness

Why Pro-life?

For years now I've been wrestling with the issue of abortion. I'm still on the fence about it but if I had to say what bothers me about the pro-choice platform, it is the fact that a liberal activist supreme court CONJURED the 'right to privacy' out of thin air.

If they can do that and then go on to invoke the fake doctrine into an actual case - ie. ROE vs WADE, then what's stopping them from doing anything that they want?!?!?! The court can go directly against the majority, bypassing the ballot box, in getting their Leftist agendas enacted.

It sets a dangerous precedent and is my biggest complaint with regards to activist judges. They do more harm than good.

Having said that, this story posted at Michelle Malkin's blog about Baby Charlotte is touching.

The hospital wants to pull the plug on their baby but the parents want to fight. I think they should let the parents do whatever they want.

Tennessee says No to illegals having licenses

[hat tip: 6 Meat Buffet>

The politically correct crowd must rethink its position on giving people who are here illegally a drivers license.

The State of Tennessee let illegals come in and get permits without proving residence nor citizenship. Not surprisingly, illegals from surrounding states swarmed into Tennessee to sign up.

The program was a model of failure as the state saw 50,000 illegals get driving permits.

The issue is a problem because if you don't speak english, how can you know what road and street signs say? If we're not on the same page with the driving rules then all drivers are at a heightened risk on the roads.

Here come the Internet Cops

TelComs want to add a tollway to the internet where you'd have to pay - simply adding additional "lanes" isn't good enough.

You knew that at some point telcoms would want to start finding new ways to bleed customers. So much for Freedom and innovation.

25 February 2006

Is the Left getting its Mind Right?

My favorite Leftist writer these days is Chris Hitchens. On February 4 he wrote a piece for Slate:

As well as being a small masterpiece of inarticulacy and self-abnegation, the statement from the State Department about this week's international Muslim pogrom against the free press was also accidentally accurate.
"Anti-Muslim images are as unacceptable as anti-Semitic images, as anti-Christian images, or any other religious belief."

Thus the hapless Sean McCormack, reading painfully slowly from what was reported as a prepared government statement. How appalling for the country of the First Amendment to be represented by such an administration. What does he mean "unacceptable"? That it should be forbidden? And how abysmal that a "spokesman" cannot distinguish between criticism of a belief system and slander against a people.

And that is right on the money. As I've stated before, I'm not a BushBot - Dubya has made decisions that are, quite frankly, outrageous. His stand on illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals is an unfair and an outright pandering to Mexican special interest groups. His criticism of the Minutemen as "vigilantes" was an egregious knee-jerk reaction that shows he is not in touch with reality and doesn't give a fart in a hurricane about the clammering voices of his political base. Bush's social spending is on par with LBJ and some writers have made the case that they are two similar souls when it comes to government spending (God help us.)

But the Administration has gotten it wrong once again on the Dubai ports issue and, on defining what the issue is on the Danish cartoon controversy.

Even the NYTimes is beginning to see the light through their politically correct RayBan sunglasses.

With every new riot over the Danish cartoons, it becomes clearer that the protests are no longer about the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, but about the demagoguery of Islamic extremists. The demonstrators are undeniably outraged by what they perceive as blasphemy. But radical Islamists are trying to harness that indignation to their political goals and their theocratic ends by fomenting hatred for the West and for moderate regimes in the Muslim world. These are dangerous games, and they require the most resolute response.

It is time for moderate Muslims to abandon the illusion that they can placate the Islamists by straddling the fence. It is they who must explain to their people that the cartoons were an isolated incident, and not the face of hostile crusaders. It is they who must make it clear to their people that blowing up mosques, beheading hostages and strapping on belts of explosives are far, far greater evils than a few drawings in a distant paper. They must do so because their future is at stake — not Denmark's.

But the Thought Police all over the world are very busy at work eroding our rights away by invoking the slogans "offensive" and "respect" in at every instance that someone pipes up and says his feelings were hurt by some comment or other.

The Mayor of London was just suspended from office for a 4 week term because he said the following to a reporter:

Mayor to Finegold: "What did you do before? Were you a German war criminal?"
Oliver Finegold: "No, I'm Jewish. I wasn't a German war criminal."
Later, the mayor said: "Actually you are just like a concentration camp guard. You're just doing it because you're paid to, aren't you?"

The mayor later commented that "the ruling strikes at the heart of democracy. He added, "Elected politicians should only be able to be removed by the voters or for breaking the law."

That is right.

But now it is becoming illegal to voice your opinion about an issue that is adjudged to be "politically sensitive." Historian David Irving was recently sentenced to 4 years in prison for publicly denying that the holocaust occurred.

I do believe the holocaust did occur but - and here is a Big But - if someone wants to discuss the possibility that the holocaust was exaggerated or the numbers of Jewish deaths was inflated or whatever - don't you have the right to say so? Don't you have the right to Freedom of Speech and expression?

Not for long - as our Liberal Courts continue to dip into constitutional law overseas (Eurabia) we will start to see more and more restrictions on our Freedoms. The Liberals have started to see that they can't win at the ballot box so they're using their guerrilla tactics through the courts. As more and more groups start to whine about being "offended" - our liberals will continue to push for a narrowing of what is considered to be offensive. Pretty soon, "Good Morning" will be punishable by jail time.

Because of the First Amendment - this is the greatest country in the World. No doubt.

Remember - the Second Amendment is the guardian of ALL of our rights.

23 February 2006

What annoys you?

What annoys you the most about being a Police Officer?
Free polls from Pollhost.com

19 February 2006

Clinton: Convict Publishers of Caricatures

via Daily Times

On Saturday, February 18 Clinton urged EU leaders to convict the publishers of Mohammed caricatures. Citing "ethical" grounds, Clinton said the people’s religious convictions should be respected at all costs and the media should be disallowed to play with the religious sentiments of other faiths. He said the media could criticise any issue including governments and people, but nobody had the right to play with the sentiments of other faiths.

Sigh ... where do I begin?

I never liked WJC. I remember back in '91 when he was running for President. His platform was the same old DNC drivel - more spending on welfare, social programs, and education. There would be less spending on the military - but, "don't ask/don't tell" was added to the military recruiters' repetoire of screening procedures for new recruits. Big Business would be slammed to the hilt with tax initiatives and there would be no tax cuts.

But then an interesting thing started to become apparent - as Ross Perot started getting more popular in polling data, Slick Willy's platform started to change. He began slowly, with a broader appeal to centrists and pro-business groups. He ended up adopting 25% of Perot's platform but never implemented any of it once he got into office.

I was ready to believe that Clinton would be a different president - I had hoped that maybe he'd keep his promises. I was deeply disappointed. With impropriety etched across his standard, William Jefferson Clinton was off and running. Clinton's legacy will be that he was a lackluster leader with serious personal problems who contaminated the White House with scandal and national security breaches. But with the economy rolling forward because of Reagan's fiscal policies beginning to bear fruit, Clinton as-the-consummate-politician began to take responsibility for the good times that were beginning to appear in our GNP.
WJC is a brilliant orator and has the charm of Rasputin.

My own opinion of Clinton is that he is a coward, an addict and a momma's boy. With that kind of personality profile do you think that he would be a good leader? Not hardly.

So it's not surprising to see that this Fool is overseas determined to undermine the current Admiistration's position and to place himself firmly in the pocket of Muslim extremists.

Talking to reporters after meeting Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz in Islamabad, Clinton said he disagreed with the caricatures and that the publication was against religious and ethical norms. Clinton said he had no objection to peaceful demonstrations being held worldwide, but this was not the time for violence. He said it was the time to promote inter-faith harmony and stand together on the issue.

After he was caught getting oral favors in the WH toilet from Ms. Lewinsky, he came out of a "prayer meeting" with a bible in one hand and Jesse Jackson in the other. A picture speaks 1,000 words.


The nerve of this guy is astounding. He literally has no shame. The product of a broken marriage, this accused rapist-cum-president, is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. I'm convinced that the Democrats on a deeper level understand that WJC was a creep and that is why they feel a need to attack George Bush - they simply assume that Bush is just another Clinton but disguised in a different political dress.

Clinton has no moral compass. His highest aspiration is self-service. He wraps himself in the flag when it is in his interest to do so. He points the finger at the American people when confronted with his own sexual indiscretions with feigned indignation. He gets heat for not doing anything against terrorism so he bombs an aspirin factory in Sudan - both to appease the hawks and to "wag the dog" in order to keep attention off the sex scandal.

Missing documents, shady dealings, indictments, prison time, dirty tricks, deceit, fraud, rape and misconduct - THAT is what the Clintons are all about. That will be their Legacy.

So if Clinton wants to push for the arrest and indictment of Danish cartoonists, then so be it.

But the joke is on Clinton - he doesn't have a leg to stand on. He will always be the first Democratic President to be Impeached.

Now THAT speaks volumes.

18 February 2006

"It's Coming Right For Me!"


Baldwin: "Cheney is a terrorist"

The empty and ignorant in HollyWeird are at it again. This time it's Alex Baldwin and Richard Dreyfus who are espousing policital rhetoric as if their political views are relevant. Baldwin's rant at the Huffington Post must have been ignited by the Cheney hunting accident.

The unhinged-Left will find any minor excuse to throw accusations and mud around. If Cheney had a hang-nail, they'd find some excuse to make a scene. They'd probably evoke some conspiracy theory around Halliburton or Merck. I can see it now - "Cheney Uses HangNail To Line Pockets With Drug Company Buddies"


Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately. Who ever thought Harry Whittington would be the answer to America's prayers. Finally, someone who might get that lying, thieving Cheney into a courtroom to answer some direct questions.~Huffington Post


Next for M. Unhinged Deux:

"There are causes worth fighting for even if you know that you will lose," Dreyfuss said during a speech at the National Press Club. "Unless you are willing to accept torture as part of a normal American political lexicon, unless you are willing to accept that leaving the Geneva Convention is fine and dandy, if you accept the expansion of wiretapping as business as usual, the only way to express this now is to embrace the difficult and perhaps embarrassing process of impeachment."

Since when is torture part of a normal American political lexicon? I'm sure our guys do some torture - so what? If that is what it takes to get information about terrorist operations around the world then so be it. And wiretapping? Are they kidding? Yes -Yes -Yes...wiretap until the cows come home. Who cares. If they listen to my phone a few times a year - I wouldn't care. Do people have an expectation of privacy these days? Yes but in this Post 9/11 world, there is a decidedly different vapor in the air than there was on 9/10. Cameras are everywhere. The average person gets on a video 75 times per day. I'd expect more aggressive surveillance from our authorities.

And the Geneva Convention is for regular military troops - those who wear a uniform and know how to parade march. Not for these Islamofacist cowards who cover their face and lope through the streets of Fallujah wearing a burkah.

Dreyfuss is a quisling. He wants to criticize the government and, indirectly take the side of the terrorists. In that vein then he thinks that he and his colleagues will be immune from getting their heads whacked off by some extremists. Where was Dreyfuss's outrage when beheading videos started being cranked out by Al-jazeera? Not a peep.

Nevertheless, Dreyfuss charged that "people can sometimes be pretty thoughtless, pretty terrified and do some pretty impressive damage" when they are wrong or "are the victims of political hypnosis."
In the past, "time and distance played an amazing part in keeping the human race from killing itself," the actor noted. The need for revenge after an attack "inevitably weakened because it took a lot of time to get men into ships and move them to the right battlefield. Only those truly staunch of heart and truly zealous could keep up that hatred.
"But now, people in Kansas see the [Twin] Towers fall at the exact instant as people in Nigeria or Cairo," he said. "Instantaneous knowledge leads to instantaneous reaction, which creates a demand for an instantaneous, reflexive response." ~Dreyfuss

These guys sit in their gated Brentwood Estates, sipping a $200 Chardonnay and pontificate about the current administration. Talk about elitist! These guys define the word. Elitism hangs like a malodorous pall over their lectures and musings. They give lip service to patriotism because they know - they KNOW - that what they're saying goes against everything that this country stands for.

Baldwin and Dreyfuss choose to use their platforms to criticize and divide our country. They do not support the Troops overseas, they do not support our Mission and they pounce on the President like hyenas at any opportunity.

Sad, pathetic and shallow - thy name is Actor.

17 February 2006

Bryant Gumbel: The Empty Talking Head

The thing about Bryant Gumbel is that he is paid to interview people. He was brought on board at CBS in order to add an 'ethnic' balance to their news platform.

Unfortunately for CBS, the adage - " you can take a brother off the street, but you can't take the street out the brother" - holds markedly true for this empty headed buffoon. Here is his latest comment on the Winter Games:

Bryant Gumbel has some harsh words for the XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy. ‘‘Try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the games look like a GOP convention," huffed Gumbel, host of HBO’s Real Sports. ‘‘And try to blot out all logic when announcers and sportswriters pretend to care about the luge, the skeleton, the biathlon and all those other events they don’t understand and totally ignore for all but three weeks every four years. Face it: These Olympics are little more than a marketing plan."

Gumbel can have his opinion; I don't begrudge him that. Although he has publicly denied having a political agenda, I think you can see that his agenda is flagged loud and clear by these comments. If he wants to be fair then where is his outrage at the miniscule number of whites who are pro-basketball players? Or in the NFL? Of course, being the cynical, liberal narcissistic tool that he is, he probably doesn't have the required amount of self-reflection to realize that his racially charged comments are, in themselves, racist.

In his narrow mind, if you aren't swinging a bat or throwing a football then you aren't engaging in a 'real' sport. I wonder where he stands on World Cup Soccer?

Moving away from race for the moment, Gumbel has said time and again that he has no political agenda.

Gumbel: "You know what, in terms of my political views I hold them in check. I don't think that someone who watches is inclined to think that I'm one way or the other. With regard to this thing I'm mindful of someone who once told me that our founding fathers guaranteed everyone the right to be heard. It said nothing about being takenseriously."

CNBC with Time Russert-10/31/1999

Here for the transcript

When Gumbel took his current posittion with CBS, the watchdog group Media Resource Center, fired off its own letter to the head of CBS.

"for 15 years, Mr. Gumbel used another morning program as a daily platform for personal liberal bias masquerading as news and commentary." Bozell explained that "like everyone else, Mr. Gumbel is entitled to his own opinions -- but not to his own set of facts. Yet he repeatedly used his anchor status to slant the facts to support his personal liberal opinions, misinforming millions."

Gumbel has a long history of making racial charged and outrageous comments. Here is a list of his Top 10 [Hat tip: Media Resource Center]

    Number 1: "This comes at a time when Republicans are looking to gut the Clean Water Act and also the Safe Drinking Water Act. What are our options? Are we now forced to boil water because bottled water is not an economically feasible option for a lot of people?"
    -- To Natural Resources Defense Council lawyer Erik Olson, June 1, 1995 Today.

    Number 2: "Largely as a result of the policies and priorities of the Reagan administration, more people are becoming poor and staying poor in this country than at any time since World War II."
    -- July 17, 1989 Today.

    Number 3: "And Kathleen Willey also spoke about Linda Tripp, a Clinton-basher who seems to be at every ugly turn in this controversy. Tripp was outside the Oval Office when Willey emerged from her encounter with the President. Just how is it that Linda Tripp is so often conveniently involved in the President’s troubles? For some clues let’s bring in The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer, who has profiled the controversial Miss Tripp in this week’s issue. You write that co-workers often viewed her as an inveterate busybody. Has she always been a snoop and a gossip with a particular interest in other people’s romantic lives?"
    -- On Public Eye, March 17, 1998.

    Number 4: "The bottom line is more tax money is going to be needed. Just how much will be the primary issue on the agenda when Congressional leaders meet with the President later today, Wednesday, May the 9th, 1990. And good morning, welcome to Today. It’s a Wednesday morning, a day when the budget picture, frankly, seems gloomier than ever. It now seems the time has come to pay the fiddler for our costly dance of the Reagan years."
    -- Leading off Today, May 9, 1990.

    Number 5: "In the first two years this is a man [Clinton] who tried his best to balance the budget, to reform health care, to fight for gay rights, to support personal freedoms. Couldn’t those be considered doing the right things, evidence of true character?"
    -- To David Maraniss, MSNBC’s InterNight, October 10, 1996.

    Number 6: "Do you give Bill Clinton credit for addressing serious issues that went untouched for 12 years -- deficit reduction, gun control, world trade, health care. He has certainly taken on tough issues, and made them not a question of if, but how much."
    -- To Mother Jones Editor Jeffrey Klein, January 7, 1994, Today.

    Number 7: "We keep looking for some good to come out of this. Maybe it might help in putting race relations back on the front burner after they’ve been subjugated so long as a result of the Reagan years."
    -- On the Los Angeles riots, April 30, 1992, Today.

    Number 8: "Scott, as you and I both know, a popular move these days is to make a titillating charge and then have the media create the frenzy. Given Kenneth Starr’s track record, should we suspect that he’s trying to do with innuendo that which he has been unable to do with evidence?"

-- To CBS News reporter Scott Pelley, January 21, 1998, Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel.
    Number 9: "If I’m a young black man in South Central L.A., where poverty is rampant and unemployment is skyrocketing, I see that Washington’s promises of a year ago have gone unfulfilled, I see that perhaps for a second time, the court’s inability to mete out justice in a blind fashion, why shouldn’t I vent my anger?" 

-- To U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), April 15, 1993, Today.
    Number 10: "We've got an awful lot to talk about this week, including the sexual harassment suit against the President. Of course, in that one, it’s a little tough to figure out who’s really being harassed."
    -- Today, May 10, 1994.

As I said before, he can have his opinions. I don't care what he thinks or says but, he was hired to do one thing - interview people and transmit the news to his audience. Period.

That doesn't mean interject his political opinions into his broadcasts. We already have enough of that. Gumbel is the poster boy for Media Bias. It is just a shame that he gets away with it.

We all know why that is, don't we?

10 February 2006

God Bless the Danes!

flag danish
Please support the Danish in their courageous stand against Islamic facism. Buy Danish products. Islam is Not peace.

04 February 2006

MySpace Miscreant Murders Police Officer

Officer Jim Sell, 56 was murdered during a traffic stop. His killer was 18 year old Jacob Jacob D. Robida. Robida died at 3:38 a.m. Sunday at Cox-South Hospital after a shoot-out with Police.

Robida had first gone to a gay bar armed with a hatchet and a gun and put 3 people in the hospital, one critically.

Then he went and picked up a female companion, and during his travels was stopped by Officer Jim Sell. Robida murdered Officer Sell during the stop. Robida maintained a blog at MySpace.com - Here is the asshole's profile: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=33058159

I sincerely hope that Robida rots and burns in Hell.

God bless the Soul of Officer Jim and my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this terrible time.

01 February 2006

The Politically Insensitive Strikes again

Again - haven't we learned? You cannot publish an image showing the face of The Almighty Prophet Mohammed - May His Face forever be Obscured and Blessed - in a free and open press! The Koran - May the Holy Word of Allah Spread Like Fleas on the Underside of a Camel - specifically prohibits such practices. No wonder our Muslim brothers and sisters are rioting all over the world. It is an outrage!

Here is the latest example of the atrocities that are being hurled at our Beloved Prophet:


I demand that this insensitive image be stricken from all public records and freely published newspapers worldwide!

Al-Jazeerah can, certainly continue to publish and show the beheadings of Infidels - that of course will continue because the Koran says that that is a good thing.