19 January 2006

Woe-Be-Gone: Way Gone!

The liberals don't get it and, I'm starting to think, they never will. One of the touchy-feely voices of Leftist hypocrisy is the author of the Prairie Home Companion - none other than Garrison Keillor.

Posted at Salon, the Lake Woe-Be-Gone pitchman throws his full weight into lecturing us on how President Bush is a liar and is so self-deluded that he can't recognize that he's on a tyrannical, maniacal power trip.

More projection from the unhinged Left. FrontPageMag highlights some of Keillor's extremist and, frankly, unrealistic depictions of what differentiates Republicans from Democrats.


In his book "Hometown Democrat," Keillor writes:
I live in Minnesota for the plain and simple reason that I am not so different from these people and also because the social compact is still intact here, despite Republicans trying to pound it out of us.

Huh? The 'social compact' is code for self-perpetuating Entitlement Programs and bigger government. And see? He lives there because he is "not so different" than the common people. As Yoda would say, "M'thinks Elitist Snob is he, yes?"

In the new privatized low-tax minimal-services society the Republicans are striving to lay on us, public transportation will offer no pleasure whatsoever. The bus will be for losers and dopes. The driver will sit in a bullet-proof box and there will be no conversation with him. The bus will be full of angry and sullen people who have lost hope that their kids can rise in the world and have a better life, which is the hope that makes it possible for me to turn to you and say something about the weather. Civility leads to civilities. In Republican America, you will not enjoy public life period. The public library, that great democratic temple, will become a waiting room for desperate and broken people, the alkies, the whacked-out, the unemployables, and the public schools will become holding tanks for children whose parents were too unresourceful to find good schools for them, and politics will be so ugly and rancid that decent people will avoid expressing an opinion for fear of being screeched at and hectored and spat on.

Keillor doesn't get it that it is precisely because of Liberal social engineering that the above scenario will play out - not due to Republican domination. The Liberals want us to give our kids Anger Management classes, failing that they want them on Ritalin or pot - anything to medicate them out of the terrible black and white world that the evil Republicans are creating. Keillor fails to understand the fundamental law of government - Whatever is subsidized, you get more of. The government that governs least is best. The bedrock of Republicanism is laissez-faire - more freedom, less government involvement, less Big Brother.

But Keillor doesn't want to hear it. Like most good DemBots he takes the line of "anyone but Bush." Like his understudy Michael Moore, Nationalism is bad - and Bush is Bad. Anything Bush does - even if it goes towards strengthening our National Security, is patently wrong. If Bush and the NSA team want to tap a few phone lines, by all means go right ahead. WTF??!?! Is it such a big deal if they want to root out some terrorists and, oh maybe, foil a terrorist plot on our own soil? Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. But again, the Dems want to act like 9/11 never happened because they know that when we were attacked, their Dove Party "let's- understand-why-we-brought-this-on-ourselves" mewlings aren't going to wash with Red Staters. So anything to deflect from their own quisling platform is what they choose to highlight. Bush is their favorite target.

At one point in his book, Keillor has this snippet:

There is an old geezer in a captain’s cap with a hundred buttons pinned to it and an electric fan suspended from the brim, an orange vest with badges and flag decals, who rides around the neighborhood from time to time on a three-wheeler with a fringed green canopy over it and a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker and a horn and a bell, with a look of royalty and privilege about him as if he were the Duke of Northumberland accompanied by the Royal Fusiliers, which is fine by me – self-expression is a fine thing – but I look at him and realize why I love the liturgy of the Anglican church: because we didn’t write it, those are everybody’s words. Collective expression is the rare thing; self-expression is common as dandelions.

FrontPageMag points out that 10 pages prior in Keillor's book, he wrote about a New Yorker who was rollerblading around in a Donald Duck mask. Apparently if you're Conservative and you act eccentric, you're automatically an idiot. If you're a Liberal Democrat, you can do whatever you want and it's perfectly acceptable.

Interestingly Keillor writes about shooting his Mother while she works the blender in the kitchen. Freudian, perhaps? Regardless, the message is that Columbine type rampages could be avoided if we'd all just stop the posturing and enter into the Socialist Utopia that Keillor and his ilk have been shoving down our throats since the 1960's. They believe that you can just think your way into this reality. For all the lip service they give to feelings, they seem to be thoroughly entrenched in a cerebal attachment to how things should be. Yet they remain ignorant of how things are. One favorite of the Left is gun contral. Get rid of all guns and you'd have no crime. The problem is that Law Abiding Citizens would obey the law and not own a gun. The criminals would have the guns regardless of the law - that is what criminals do. They break the law. Gun Control should be simply called "The Mugger Protection Act" because the only ones who benefit from strict gun legislation are criminals.

When Clinton was President, people like Keillor didn't raise an eyebrow when aspirin factories were bombed in sub-sahara Africa. Bubba got a free-pass from the Leftists because he was one of them.

Bush has our freedoms, liberties and safety as his highest concerns - no matter what the SpinDoctors at Moveon.org have to say.

Too much freedom is just enough!

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