01 January 2006

Open Letter to Mike Farrell


Mike Farrell, former star of the 70's TV show "M*A*S*H", has been very busy. Since he has not had a role in a major motion picture, and whose last memorable TV performance was in 1999 show "Providence," he decided to change careers and take up the lucrative job of "anti-Death Penalty" pundit.

Mike likes to take up the cause of defending convicted murderers like Tookie Williams. He doesn't call him Tookie, though. That is too dehumanizing. Mike refers to him by his given name - "Stanley". Mike has been making the rounds on the TV defending these murderers and attempting to spin their images into something more palatable. You can't have people thinking that a convicted killer, who was convicted with an overwhelming amount of evidence, is a bad guy? Oh No. Mike Farrell wants us to believe that Stanley is just misunderstood and that racisim is the reason why he was sentenced to death.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Mike Farrell:
Dear Mr. Farrell:
Your opposition to the death penalty and your active role in commuting to 'life in prison' for such pillars of society as Stanley "tookie" Williams is shameful and naive.
It does not surprise me that I see yet another actor, whose moral compass was forged in the miasma of 60's radicalism, take the side of a cold-blooded killer while dismissing the torment and horror that the murder's actions caused.
Your sheltered life and misguided intentions give
you no right to speak on behalf of such vermon. You provide people with zero evidence that Tookie is not guilty for his crimes. You say the prosecutor trying the case "excused blacks from the jury pool", that the prosecutor used highly charged terms with clear racial implications, that Tookie was forced to sit before the jury in chains and shackles in a tactic intended to inspire fear and loathing in the jury, and that a federal appeals court judge said the conviction was
based on "circumstantial evidence and the testimony of witnesses whose credibility was highly suspect."
People are excused from jury pools all the time and for many reasons. Tookie was a dangerous criminal with a violent history. He was made to sit in handcuffs and shackles to protect the officers and courtroom staff. And witness testimony and informant information is used all the time in the US Courts - there is nothing inappropriate about it. Tookie's "snitches" were no choir boys - but sometimes the only source of information about a crime comes from criminals.
Why don't you save your speeches for the victims. They have no voice, can no longer exercise or breath the sweet air, nor hear the songs of birds in the spring trees. You are just another pathetic and shallow actor with
delusions of grandeur who hopes to get some media attention by glamming
onto the coattails of death row thugs. After what Norman Mailer went through with championing the cause of a convicted murderer, one would expect you to think twice about carrying the torch for a person of Tookie's character.
You state that "I wasn't there so I don't know if he killed them or not" - you're so delusional you'd probably take Tookie's defense even more to heart if you'd witnessed his crimes personally. You act like this person was a victim - a victim of a dysfunctional family, of instituationalized racism, or economic deprivations - but where is your evidence? When does a person take responsibility for his actions and pay the price for the brutality and horror and pain that he has caused?
If I had to nominate you for an award it would be "Overlord of The Wasteland" - because TS Eliot's poem is precisely the World that Liberals like you are bringing to fruition with your myopic policies and naivete. We are entering a Wasteland of tolerance for crime, for criminals and for rampant "do it if it feels good" culture.
You must be so proud.

This guy is just another vapid fool who is trying to mollify his guilt by taking up the cause of criminals and murderers. Who is he to say that the Death Penalty is wrong. What hubrus!

He is just like Norm Chomsky - living in an affluent area but condemning "capitalism." Mike Farrell, no doubt, lives in an exclusive and affluent area but, uses his activism simply to give himself a big "attaboy" slap on the back. It affords him the luxury of fooling himself into thinking that he is doing something worthwhile.

Hey Mike, if you want to do something truly worthwhile - take the parents of one of Tookie's victims out to lunch and learn about the people that Tookie victimized. The children, the hopes, the dreams, the grandchildren that never came - write about that on your website!


Anonymous said...

Well said, thank you. NOBODY knows the pain and heartache caused by a cold-blooded MURDERER!!

Anonymous said...

BJ Hunnicut? He is just trying to make a name for himself through association with a "cause". It's disgusting to think that people have to use whatever tools for publicity they can just to stay above water. Obviously, no one in his family has been victimized. Well, we will see what happenes to his "cause" if there is a personal experience involved.
I could easily say I hate Porsche's, I NEVER HAD ONE.
maybe thats a bad analogy, but it works for me.

Anonymous said...

thank you

Crimefile said...

I know Mike and believe that he is sincere in his efforts. Mike does not need publicity for himself. He's got plenty of money and donates to what he believes in...