29 January 2006

Little Women, Big Mouths

Listening to Kate O'beirne, Washington editor of the National Review, the other day was an enlightening experience. The purpose of the interview was to promote her new book - Women Who Make the World Worse - a scathing diatribe against the cultural decimation by the arch-Feminist movement.

The catchy title and the caricatures of Hillary and Barbara Streisand on the cover jacket were enough to make me shell out the $20.00 at my local Borders.


But I was surprised at how incisive and eye-opening it was. Since I was born in the early 70s, I grew up hearing about Feminism, ERA, and Gloria Steinem. The thing I remember most was the bra-burning. Topless hippy chicks with hairy armpits standing in the streets of Haight-Ashbury twirling their burning brassiers over their heads like Gene Autry wielded a lasso. I believed everything that they told me - that women are a mistreated, not promoted, abused and victimized by the jackbooted, white, male patriarchy.

O'beirne's point is that feminists have done significant harm to our culture and our workplaces by
waging an ideological campaign in which working women are portrayed as victims - discriminated against in pay and persistently preyed upon by male oppressors. But a closer look at the facts show a different picture. She writes that "The Jobs Rated Almanac reveals that twenty-three of the twenty-five jobs rated as the worst are over 90 percent male. That's just one of the many uncomfortable facts that feminists ignore in order to make their dishonest claims. Men make up 54 percent of the workforce, but account for 92 percent of job-related deaths. Jobs that are flexible, fulfilling, and safe (so typically favored by women) pay less. Feminists hate it when that happens."

Is there a glass ceiling for women in the workplace? No - if you compare white, never-married women between the ages of 45 and 54 with white, never-married men of the same age group; women earn, on average, 106 percent of the men. Women professors who had never married, earned 145 percent of their male counterparts. Female auto mechanics make 129 percent of their male counterparts. And it goes on.

It comes down to choices. Many women earn less because they choose to have children and work part-time. But the feminist agenda needs to keep feeding the flames of victimhood in order to perpetuate the lies that discrimination exists. It is just more Leftist pandering.

Sick of it yet? Sick of being blamed for things that you had no control over? Like being born a Male? Or having a high IQ? The Left has been force-feeding us their Liberal agenda for 40 years. I don't care that they have an agenda - everyone does. They won't admit to it though - that is what irks me.

Here is Kate interviewed by NRO. Here's the book listed at Amazon.com

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