20 January 2006

Global Warming is bad for Blacks

Global Warming could spell disaster for Blacks, says BET.com [hat tip: Drudge Report]

I have a friend who has been actively cheating on his wife for 10 years. He balances 1 or 2 "side-broads" at any given time. His wife may suspect something but he's never said that she has confronted him with her suspicions. He, on the other hand, is constantly rifling through her purse, checking her cell phone and asking her if she's having an affair. Of course she's not. So why is my cheating friend so accusatory towards his wife? Because he is "projecting" his own guilt and agenda on to her. Since he's cheating, he assumes that she must be too - or at least thinking about it.

The same model of projection is in opertion on a grander scale with our beloved and 'misundertood' Black community.

You'd be hard-pressed to find another group of people who are so controlled and manipulated by hysteria than the Black community. The range of conspiracy musings run the gamut. Insane accusations apparently go unchecked in the MSM. Some real winners are "the CIA created crack to kill blacks"; "the Government detonated explosives at the NOLA levee to kill blacks"; and "the CIA created AIDS in order to kill blacks." Now we see more hysteria coming from a major black entertainment source. BET.com says that global warming is dangerous to "people of color" because rising sea levels could engulf large portions of coastline and we could see another Katrina-type of disaster. It is more evidence that whites are going to use natural disasters to further their "racism" against blacks. As Kanyae West said,"Bush doesn't like Black people."

“It has been ingrained in our heads that to be anything, you must have everything,” says EJCC steering committee member Nia Robinson.  “Because some of us have a big car and a nice house, people aren’t seeing that racism still exists.  But Katrina showed that racism is alive and well in America.  Now that people have that idea, I think we’re in a really critical stage to organize, educate and mobilize people.”

The buffoon who wrote the article says "environmentalists" blame the "fierce new storms" on global warming. Certainly most environmentalists don't have an understanding of the science behind climatology and have erroneously decided that global warming is the cause of hurricanes. Most climatologists claim that G.W. has little to do with initiating hurricanes. Climatologists do say that over the last 50+ years the earth's median temperature has risen. But the jury is still out as to whether or not green-house gases are to blame. There is evidence to indicate that the current rise in temperature is a natural cyclical event. In the 1970's there was a large debate in scientific circles about "global cooling" - remember that? Whatever happened to the dozens of books written on the subject? Who knows.

The author further claims that "Relatively, Blacks are environmental Good Samaritans.  Per capita, we emit approximately 20 percent less carbon dioxide than Whites – well below 2020 targets set by the U.S. Climate Stewardship Act." See here for this "study"


This bogus study was done by the Congressional Black Caucus - I'm not sure but this group may have a Pro-Black / Anti-White agenda. I'm just guessing on that one. It's interesting as to how they could determine that blacks emit less CO2 than whites.

The article slams Bush for not approving the Kyoto Accords. A recent report shows that most of the countries who signed it, all but two, haven't been able to conform to the agreement. Bush recognized that Kyoto was just not workable and would be a detriment to our economy. Its stringent constraints weren't realistic.

But the unhinged Left doesn't care about facts. The sad and pathetic truth is that the Black community continues to choose leaders who promote these quasi-conspiratorial myths. Katrina was a disaster, not because "Bush hates black people" or due to racism, but because blacks make the choice in keeping leaders like Ray Nagin in charge.

Nagin is an incompetent leader and a racist fool. Period.

The black community continues to point the finger at Bush and whites in their racism mewlings. They continue to play the race card in order to further their political aims. The accusations of racism are simply a projection - since Black leaders have an economic gain in keeping racism alive, they need to keep fanning the flames. And if there is no flame, they bring gasoline and matches.

The biggest racists are always the first to scream "racism" when they don't get their way. At a time when Blacks are succeeding in a myriad of ways - economically, in home ownership, savings, wages, education - it is time to quit the finger pointing and get on board the America train with the rest of us.

Together - we can.


Mike H. said...

A small problem, really a minor one that we have to contend with, all those people who live on Mars are raising the temp there also, the ice caps are melting. The people who live on Uranus are doing that planet in also, IR cameras are showing an increased radiation from the southern pole. Mankind is a crummy bunch of creeps doggone it. And they haven't checked Jupiter yet, but I'll bet...

Rue St. Michel said...

Sometimes the nauseating socialist agendas make me feel like I'm on Mars already!

Anonymous said...

And these same people keep re-electing Marion Berry and Stroger.