08 January 2006

For King and Country!

Another volley of Liberal heresy comes to us from, none other than, Salon.com - bless their souls.

Tom Englehardt writes that President Bush is nothing more than a power hungry authority figure who is bent on brutal dictatorship and absolute power.

The beauty of being a Liberal is that you never have to have any data to support where your conclusions come from. For them, all you need to lay out is a loosely spun knit of "what-ifs" and - Voil√°! - instant credibility. You don't have to have facts to punch out a story for CBS - just make it up as you go along. Hell, just print up your own memo (√° la Dan Rather) and go to town! Ask for indictments and impeachment hearings and it's all OK with the mainstream media. The NYTimes will even buy the story and run it above the fold.

--- as long as the offending parties are Bush, Cheney, Rice, Neocons or Pat Robertson. You don't see any in-depth reporting on the underworld dealings of Jessie Jackson. You don't see stories in the NYTimes for week after week, day after day, of Jesse Jackson using racial emnity to "persuade" businesses to give him money, assets and beer distributorships, do you? No. No. No. The media and their quislings focus instead on other, more important issues - the two most striking: The Abu Ghraib Torture scandal, and NSA espionage operations.


For you to take umbrage at our duly elected officials doing whatever it takes to ensure our safety and security speaks volumes about what type of person you are. The nouns "protected", "insulated", "monday morning quarterback", "desk jockey", "elitist snob" - all come to mind when I try to envision how I would picture this author. A check of his website's bio shows him to be a U of C - Berkeley professor. These guys call what occured in Abu Ghraib torture? Making people listen to Ice Cube and putting the koran in the toilet are not examples of torture that I could even make up!

What else can I say? It is patently obvious that there is no way that this president nor any other, would have the mechanisms to install his own imperial dictatorship - putting himself in as Supreme Ruler. The constitution, the Bicameral entity that governs our society, has specific checks and balances to ensure that the President's (executive branch) powers are kept in check.

The spying/wiretaps were done on lines of persons who were calling hotbeds of Al-qaeda: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Korea. Uncle Jimmy calling his nephew in Hoboken was probably not a phonecall that was listened to.

What these tired old 1960s hacks are trying to do is relive the Age of Revolution by attacking the president, undermining our security and demonizing ourselves. They are projecting their worn out slogans and, in their deluded minds, have swapped out the word Viet Nam with Iraq. You can hear the same rhetoric in their tirades: "imperialism", "military-industrial complex", "the president lied" - blah, blah, blah. Yawn....sigh.
If you are a proud American then the Left says you are an "idiot" because you've "bought into the propaganda that the government is selling you." The Left has set it up to make you feel guilty for being proud of your country - how sick is that?

Who's the idiot here? The ones who refuse to acknowledge, let alone deal with, an enemy, or the ones who want to light up a joint, join hands and sing kumbiya?

All I'm saying is : Give War A Chance. The problem with Viet Nam is that we actually listened to Leftist Tools like this guy and look where that got us.

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