19 January 2006

Bon jour, Mumia!

In another disgraceful show of Socialist detachment, Mumia - the convicted Cop killer, was made an honorary citizen of Paris.

Mumia's death sentence was commuted to life in prison but the conviction was sustained. Even Michael Moore believes that this former Black Panther is guilty of murdering Officer Faulkner.

There is substatial evidence showing that Mumia killed Officer Faulkner - in fact, witnesses outside the hospital heard him confess to the crime. When Jamal was brought to Jefferson Hospital on the night of the killing, he struggled a moment with the police outside the Emergency Room entrance. At that time, several witnesses claim to have heard him shout "I shot the mother fucker and I hope the mother fucker dies".

It's a shame that this piece of shit isn't dead yet.

God bless the soul of Officer Daniel Faulkner. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.


In this age of Gansta-rap, tattoos, breast enhancements and HBO, the rule is: Men of Vice are honored - Men of Virtue are denigrated.

"F" Mumia! And I don't mean "free him"...


Anonymous said...

Of course this murderer is guilty!
He's a piece of crap, like ALL MURDERERS... yeah, f him!

Anonymous said...

And quit buying any of Newman's Own products, as he supports the piece of shit mumia.

Anonymous said...

I read your link about the officer, also, found something here about him...google: new nation news black on white crime

Rue St. Michel said...

Thanks for the link. I read that NNN site before and it is upsetting, to say the least. My problem is that I just don't have the time to verify all those UCR stats. I usually withhold judgement on something befor reacting to it.
If true, it is truly an outrage that that information is not on the front page of every major MSM outlet in the US. How long have we been told that the complete opposite was true? Decades!
I downloaded "costofcrime" file but just haven't gotten around to perusing the numbers. I barely passed my Stats classes in college and now I know why.
I'll blog on it sometime in the future. By the way, *F* Mumia!

Anonymous said...

Yes, F*** that cold-blooded murdering bast***!!!

And, your welcome, actually, I mentioned the link SOLEY for the officer, so that people could learn more about HIM.

I commend you for thinking of the victims, thank you.