03 January 2006

Big Tool 2

If you're interested, as an addendum to my original Mike Farrell posting, I just noticed that Zombie has some fantastic photography from the final Tookie Williams "vigil"

It's definitely worth a look. You can see Mike Farrell in all his glory, surrounded by the Fruit of Islam bodyguard detail.

The Moonbats were in full force - including signage saying "Abolish The Racist Death Penalty."

By the way, burn in Hell Tookie...au revoir!


Anonymous said...

Again, well said, thank you!!!!
Let him burn in HELL, along with ALL of his supporters!!!!
NONE of them can begin to imagine the intense heartache and the inconceivable pain and horror that MURDERERS like him inflict upon the people they murder and their families!!!!!!
I wish EACH AND EVERY MURDERER would get the death penalty!!!!

Malott said...

The zombie site is such an education. From rural Indiana it looks like a bad science fiction movie with aliens carrying signs. Its hard to believe there are people with such an odd and toxic world view.