07 December 2005

Lennon's demise the ultimate irony

John Lennon was murdered 25 years ago today. Mark David Chapman fired 5 shots into Lennon's back and put a fitting end to the man who wrote the song Happiness is a warm gun. When asked once in the 1960s how he expected to die, Lennon's offhand answer was "I'll probably be popped off by some loony." In retrospect, although he might have meant it as a joke and did not expect it to happen, the comment turned out to be chillingly accurate. Another chillingly accurate comment was made in his last interview, where he mentioned that he often felt that somebody is stalking him: first it was federal agents in the 1970s trying to deport him and later the obsessed fan in 1980. I love it when Karma and Irony meet and shake hands.


The Tribune's story, Can you imagine what he would say today?, takes the view that Lennon was an important revolutionary - politically, culturally and musically. I take the view that he was a vapid fool. Besides, we know what he'd say today, he'd be riding the "hate George Bush at any cost" wave. He'd be making appearances on Rosy O'donnell and other talkshows in order to "get the word out" that "Bush lied - People died" and spewing many other bumper sticker slogans. Yes, Lennon could definitely do slogans. That was a fundamental skill to have in the '60s. He probably would have been seen with Cindy Sheehan getting their pre-interview makeup applied down in Texas. Both would be wearing sandals, of course.

With the release of the Lennon interviews from 1970, we see that Lennon's life was not all peaches and cream. He was jealous of McCartney's success and felt that he'd been cheated. There was also animosity towards the people who didn't care for Yoko. At that time he was in a downward spiral of addictions and self-medicating drug use.

While the world endows Lennon with creating the soundtrack for the World Peace movement, reading between the lines shows that this external success was anchored in a deep well of socialist sludge, delusions of grandeur, and marital and paternal intrigues. In a telling interview with Rolling Stone, Lennon revealed that he considered himself a "genius," and admited to taking LSD "thousands of times." He drifted from pills to marijuana - eventually becoming a habitual user of heroin. He says that his bandmates "pushed him into heroin" by their treatment of Yoko.

While this indolent, inebriate, self-indulgent Leftist prick was "Turning on, tuning in, and dropping out," he was meeting with members of the Trotskyist Workers Revolutionary Party. He was alleged to have given donations to them as well as to the IRA. So much for being a peace-nik.

To think that songs such as "imagine" are capable of "changing the world" is utter rubbish. To think so is nothing more than mental masturbation. All he did with his anti-War pablum was to open the gates to the liberal hypocrisy of diversity, political correctness and secularism that we are seeing today.

It is telling that phonetically "Lennon" is indistinguishable from "Lenin." Maybe Karma exists after all and Lennon was the Communist kingpin in a former life. That explains a lot.

Did Lennon make the world a better place? Hardly. He did make himself a better place by writing some snappy jingles and making millions. Yoko is currently making about $22 million a year on John Lennon merchandising. She donates a significant amount of money to Amnesty International. So we see where her priorities are firmly set: in Leftist partisan politics and in maintaining an extravagent lifestyle. Wasn't that what it was all about from the beginning? You betcha.

For people like Lennon, a self-avowed "Working Class Hero," it is easy to slide into a utopian vision of the way the world should be. Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin all tried it but it just does not function in life like it does in theory. But they just don't get it. For all their talk about "workers rights" and the exploitations of the "working class," Lennon and his ilk are the ones who take every dollar offered.

It is a good thing that the BBC released the Lennon tapes. Now the world can see what they only guessed at in the past. A musician who should just have kept his politics to himself and wrote songs.

Take that, hippy!


Don Miguel said...


It may be a "fitting end" but it left the world with the horrible fate of even more exposure to Yoko Ono.

Anonymous said...

Excellent editorial!!

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Excellent post my friend. We're going to try to steer some traffic your way - no need to have SCC readers debating your essay in the SCC comments section.

Thanks for posting the links like we asked. We'll win this one blog at a time!

SCC said...

Wasn't you pulling the thread off track. Somehow, someone connected John Lennon to Bono to AIDS in Africa to Bush-bashing even though he is spending more per year than Clinton did. It just spiralled from there. Wasn't you at all buddy. Hope we didn't sound like we were blaming you. Just thought we'd try to keep the boys and girls on topic and push a little link-love your way :)