12 December 2005

Jamie Foxx - A True Brutha

Whenever I hear a black person make a racist remark, it is endlessly fascinating to me. Many black icons have a simmering racist vein which is barely concealed. And when the thin veneer of social restraint is finally torn away, it is sublime. Even the ever-smiling, saintly Louie Armstrong had a deep hatred of whites, according to his own tapes. It is revealing to find that so many black leaders of industry and entertainment are of the same mindset.

From the NY Daily news we find this snippet about the actor Jamie Foxx.[hat tip: Michelle Malkin]

Foxx checks his at-the-door bias

Jamie Foxx is breaking down racial barriers — starting at his front door.
The actor, who has been campaigning tirelessly to get reformed gang leader Stan (Tookie) Williams off Death Row, admits he once refused to let more than one white man into his house.
"When I was 15, I went to play the piano for this white guy's Christmas party" in Texas, Foxx says. But when he and a friend showed up at the client's mansion, the host stopped them, saying, "I can't have two n— in my house at one time."
Foxx says he was forced to send his friend home, even though his pal had given him a lift to the party.
The "Ray" star was so rankled by the experience that, once he hit it big in Hollywood, he instituted a similar quota system.
Whenever two white guys came to party at his pad, Foxx tells Oprah Winfrey in December's O, he'd tell them, "You all will have to make a decision between you two."
Foxx adds that his friends "had to counsel me and say, 'Don't fall into that same trap.' "
The Oscar winner later changed his entrance policy — though, he points out, he never set a limit on white women.


Glad to see that Jamie Foxx is finally getting around to speaking about the things which really matter to him. Freeing a convicted murderer and keeping Whites out of his house.

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Fritz said...

Looks like his pal Williams is about to start choking on his own vomit.

Dankeschoen to Arnold for once