01 December 2005

Hurricanes: Not caused by Global Warming

In yet another stunning revelation that Global Warming is not a product of human activities, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center lead meteorologist Gerry Bell said the current spate of hurrican activity is a normal phenomenon. "It's not related to global warming," Bell said,"The same conditions occurred in the 1950s and 1960s, the last period of above-normal hurricane activity. Many records set in 2005, including most hurricanes in a season — 13 — surpassed marks set then."


Three ingredients combined to generate more and stronger hurricanes in 2005, said Bell. Warm ocean water helps fuel storms, and Atlantic water temperatures were 2 to 3 degrees above average this year, he said. There was an absence of winds high in the atmosphere that can tear hurricanes apart. And winds blowing east from Africa steered developing storms toward warmer waters where they incubated into tropical storms and hurricanes.
That combination of factors has occurred periodically through history, Bell said. Meteorologists refer to such an active hurricane cycle as the "multi-decadal signal." It can last for 30 years. The current period began in 1995. A record 26 tropical storms formed this season, which began June 1 and ends today.

~ USA Today

Most climatologists agree that we are in a cyclical warming period. The key word is cyclical - it's a normal phase - not due to green house gases.

The earth's atmosphere is 348 miles (560 km) thick. With a surface area of 510,065,284.702 Km3, you can see that the volume of air that encompasses the earth is enormous. Around 1980, James Lovelock wrote a book called "GAIA." In it were all sorts of interesting tidbits about our wonderful earth. The sense I took away from that little tome is that the ability of our earth to maintain its stasis is underestimated. Although environmentalists would have you believe otherwise, I think that we have as much effect on global warming as a butterfly has on a tornado.

Our earth maintains a delicate balance - from the sea shelfs that provide most of our oxygen, to the billions of ants and other insects that contribute to the carbon cycle, our earth will be around and in good shape with or without us. Environmentalists would sooner see all humans wiped from the face of the planet because we are the 'evil' ones and the scourge of existence.

It's no wonder that most of them are Leftists. Hysteria is what they know best.

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