07 December 2005

Chic Leftist Bigots

In today's busy lives, we're all guilty of reading a headline, or picking up the salient points from a 30 second news clip on the radio, or an advertisement for the 10 O'clock news - and making a sweeping generalization on the topic discussed.


I came across this article [hat tip: No Pasaran!] which lays out the reasons behind The Left's carefully crafted stances on bigotry, racism, injustice, intolerance - or any "ism" that you care to mention.

They care about these only to the extent to which it gives them leverage in pushing their mentally unbalanced agendas.

"The Left does not care about bigotry except as a carefully nurtured vice used to create artificial schisms between peoples and to leverage Leftism into undeserved power.  Grand bigotries fed constantly by the Left are familiar to anyone trapped in the prison of popular culture: men are all rapists; white people are all racists; Christians are all intolerant maniacs."

"The hypocrisy of this animus is also well known.  Leftists defend genuinely and dangerous misogynists like Bill Clinton and Gary Condit, but throw thoughtless condemnations at men who threaten Leftist hegemony, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clarence Thomas."

"Blacks who have perfect diction and who write beautiful prose are presumed to be flacks for Republican puppet masters, while blacks who sloppily mumble words from a tiny vocabulary or speak a crude and lame vernacular are championed as leaders of black society."

Go here for this incisive monograph.

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