15 December 2005

1 in 20 Americans illiterate, 1 in 31 in prison

AP reports today that 11 million Americans are illiterate. By definition, an illiterate person is unable to complete even the most rudimentary tasks. With a sampling of 19,000 people, it found 1 in 20 are illiterate. The adult US population is 222 million. The report stated that some of these are people are fluent in another language - just not english.

According to the Center for Immigration studies, almost 10 million people in the US are here illegally. During the 1990s, the United States admitted the largest number of immigrants in its history and there are no signs that immigration will decrease on its own.

We now have a resident foreign-born population of almost 29 million, twice the level of 1910. Immigrants are also more concentrated, with the top four immigrant states accounting for a 20 percent larger share of the nation's immigrant population than the top four states just 25 years before.
The immigrant flow is much less varied than before, with more than 50 percent of post-1970 immigrants coming from Spanish-speaking Latin America, a degree of ethnic concentration unprecedented in American history. And finally, ongoing mass immigration is hindering the economic assimilation of immigrants, with immigrant wages falling behind those of natives and immigrant poverty steadily growing. Mexico alone accounted for 43 percent of the growth in the foreign-born population between 1990 and 2000.

Why care? Because as you can see, the flood of illegal immigration is lowering our standards through higher illiteracy rates, raising our costs through higher welfare/entitlement payouts, and continues to reward illegals while penalizing American citizens and those people who apply for citizenship legally.

On a related note, a report today shows that 1 in 31 of US adults are in the prison system. Nearly 50 percent of all probationers at the end of last year were convicted of a felony. Twenty-six percent were on probation for a drug-law violation, and 15 percent for driving while intoxicated, said the annual Justice Department report.


Fritz said...

Yes. And what is as bad as the illiteracy is that the urban gangster, whether negro or latino, prides himself on his idiotic bravado. If the thugs and thugettes cannot read, write, or do basic algebra by like 16, confine them to boot camps, and teach them there. If they continue to fail, incarcerate them.

Crimefile said...

When I was drafted they sent my to Germany. I did not take formal classes but I cared enoughto learn how to communicate. I learned german within six months with just one book. It was not that hard to learn. Of course it was rare to find other GIs that gave a rats ass.