19 November 2005

Embedded Journalist keeps it real

Michael Yon, a journalist embedded with the "Deuce Four" Stryker group - 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment based at Fort Lewis – documents the successes, losses and heartbreaks of living day-to-day with a tight-knit group of soldiers in Iraq. The Punishers had much success in curbing insurgent attacks in western Mosul, the Sunni Arab part of the city where militants were most active.

These guys are real Americans - putting their lives on the line and taking the fight to the enemy, before the enemy brings their terrorism here. One of the more touching stories is about Sgt. Walt Gaya.

"Lying in the hospital, still in Iraq, Walt Gaya was in the United States Army, but he was not an American. Not on paper, anyway: Walt was born in Argentina. He survived the blast, but his new wounds would preclude his flight from Mosul to Baghdad in time
to participate in a swearing-in ceremony that would have been his official welcome as a new American."

He lost much of the vision in his left eye due to his stryker being hit by a IED. His courage and determination are much to be admired and I send my heartfelt thanks and prayers to him and his family. I wish him all the best on his new citizenship, as well. Welcome to America. Now it can be truly said to be the 'home of the brave.'

Semper fi !

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