09 November 2005

Comic strip - hold the comedy

Our culture is going the way of the Romans - mediocrity is now our cultural motto. As a microcosm of this type of malaise, I give you "The Boondocks". The banner that flies over the castle of Political Correctness has a scowling visage, cornrows and a balled up fist.


Comic strips used to be funny. The Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Marmaduke and Beetle Bailey were written to entertain. They are classics that are peppered with humor, intelligence and moral values.

The opposite of those virtues resides in "The Boondocks."

It is a controversial and politically charged cartoon that showcases two inner-city hoodrats named Huey and Riley Freeman. The show is seen through the eyes of these two. They are pulled from their South Side (Chicago) neighborhood and dropped into the suburbs, thus the name "Boondocks". I know it sounds like such a stitch already, doesn't it? I've watched a few episodes and it is laugh-out-loud funny (not!). Huey is 10 and is already a Leftist revolutionary (how cute) and his brother is no better as he dreams of becoming a gangster rapper (what high aspirations~). He even has a tattoo that reads "Thug Blood." The show gets even MORE funny as the viewers endure Huey's bitter meditations on race in America. Of course it is the usual black racist agenda on full auto: they are victims of the military-industrial complex, white corporations, and republicans (who evidently hate all black people). The excuses continue : They are allowed to commit crime and sell drugs because "day need ta eat" .... all the ususal pablum that passes for black power politics.

As the rap group "Ghetto Boyz" say - Damn it feels good to be a gangsta! That is because it is liberating to have no responsibilities - not to the babies you create, the women you impregnate then abandon, the people you sell drugs to, the people you rob, hurt and kill, and then turn around and blame institutional racism and the police for all of it. It is sad and pathetic that a 'comic strip' like this gets any public attention - let alone it's own television show. It also speaks volumes about our liberal press, who are choking us to death with their political correctness, when they give this show a pass and even have the audacity to give the author an award!

Do everyone a favor and boycott this show. Spend that hour instead, with your children - teaching them how they're not to blame for the dysfunction, the unemployment, the crime and the squallor in the black community.

They have no one to blame but themselves. The first step to fixing a problem is in identifying it.


J said...

I have to agree, from what I have heard--haven't seen it as of yet. So many young black males seem to think that they are exempt from the normal rules of society: in short, they assume since some of their ancestors were discriminated against that they can therefore act like dimwitted, violent thugs and commit crimes and it shouldn't matter. Phuck them. They have had scholarships and jobs breaks and affirmative action for 40+ years and still want more.

Anonymous said...

Now don't go blaming folks who can't help themselves. Blame the ones who refuse to hold anybody accountable. Personally I blame LBJ, Carter and CLinton for our current state of affairs. Nothing happens overnight.

Rue St. Michel said...

Start local then go global.

The black community needs to address their issues at the family & street level. The government cannot effectively stop what's happening - the thuglife glorification, the addictions, the violence, the singleparent households - the people need to get involved at a grassroots level and change things.

LBJ, Carter and Clinton are rogues, no doubt but it's time to lay blame at the feet of where it belongs.

Trina said...

Blog posts like this is why the show exists.

So your argument is "Racism doesn't exist its black people. They are the problem so they need to fix it."

The problem isn't black culture. The problem is you're racist. The stereotypes you name speak for themselves of how you think of black people.

The most commonly cited statistic was the high rate of black-on-black crime -- 90 percent of black victims are killed by black offenders, as per the FBI. The number was offered as evidence that blacks are lawless, do not value life and, by the way, whites have nothing to do with that. But it's also true that 83 percent of white victims are killed by whites. The context? People commit crimes largely where they live and, since segregated neighborhoods are the rule in this country, not the exception, blacks kill blacks and whites kill whites. Not one person noted the vast majority of mass shootings in the United States are committed by white men. Does that say something about being white?

This article was written 10 years ago and it saddens me that that "racism" has never ended. Only blatant forms of it have been outlawed.

Apparently racism is only an act to you, not years of conditioning of minds and subconscious thoughts and actions.

I hope you have wisened up by now.

And of course you filter the comments so they can only agree with you.

Fantastic dude.