21 November 2005

The City Most Dangerous, blame Police & Economics

Another mainstream newspiece that gives crime, murder and corruption a free pass. Again they fail to place the blame on the real causes. The blame should be placed firmly at the feet of the criminals who live there and at the "community activists" (Jesse and Al) who rake in the money but don't do anything constructive to solve the issues that are confronting their community. It is interesting to note that the most dangerous places to live in the US are predominantly black and, they all have very strict gun laws. The end of the story mentions how the police department has been "restructured" (newspeak for: there was a problem before, but now it's fixed - nudge, nudge, wink - wink!). They compare Camden to a city with the lowest crime rate - Newton, Mass. The piece says that they are basically the same cities except for all the crime. They say that it is just a matter of more money and more police. How simple! I wish I'd thought of that...

Camden, New Jersey, was the most dangerous city in the United States for the second consecutive year, according to an annual survey released on Monday.
The survey ranked the rates of serious crimes including murders, rapes and robberies in 369 U.S. cities, based on 2004 statistics reported by the FBI last month.
Camden, a city of 80,000 people near Philadelphia, was listed as the most dangerous, followed by Detroit, Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri; and Flint, Michigan, according to the Safest (and Most Dangerous) Cities survey by Morgan Quitno Press, a research and publishing company based in Kansas.
Camden's murder rate was more than 10 times the national average and its robbery rate was seven times the national average, the study said.


Camden police drew criticism this summer when they failed for two days to find three missing boys who suffocated in the trunk of a car parked in the backyard of one of the victims.

Just keepin it real, ah-ite?!?


Shadi said...

Yo Yo Yo - Roo Saint Mike- Howz aboutz a lil' mini hat tip to the SHADEMEISTER for originally posting those city crime rankings over at SCC's criz-zib??? ;-) (or would that be a "tip-in" from S.C.C.'s "Hat-tip"? (Oh screw Bloggin' "protocol"... (I axkxed my bro about Camden NJ since he lived out in NJ for over a decade recently... said yeah, it's worse tha Newark, which is saying a lot (and even Newark in some ways is coming back a bit- some yupsters & maybe gentrification ca$h rolling in, what with everywhere else out east so friggin expensive as usual...)

As for the content of what your saying (ahhh- not exctly my strong suit anyway!). lemme get back to ya- I'm trying to zing my torturers back on on several of SCC's fading threads!

HOPE ALL is WELL out in the WILD, WILD WEST-.... Hope your guy's guy is back in biz at the Cafe on Harlem over by `dere!

- Shady

(Sorry about the new "Bush scratching his nose..." - not intended for you... like I said, kicking back against some of my prevaricating co-workers back at SCC's... ;-)

Fritz said...

Give the n-ahs an exit test in 12 th grade and if they fail, into the infantry. If they drop out of high school, prison, at least until they can add or write a paragraph.

It's boot camp time for the hoods