11 November 2005

Christian Calendar is Disrespectful

In a new spin on Muslims-Behaving-Badly, an organization has taken up the extremely important issue of which calendar the worldwide community should be using. (hat tip: No Pasaran blogspot)


The International Committee Against Christian Calendar Imperialism in U.N.O. (ICACCI) says, among other things, that -

* the UN that supposedly speaks and rules impartially for all nations of the Earth, is still using the Christian calendar which is viewed as being disrespectful for all other religions of the world.

* There are only 1 billion Christians in the 6 billion people world population.

* This clearly indicates that Christians are a minority. So how can this minority’s calendar be imposed on the UN body which supposedly represents the other 5 billion people?

* Why should Muslim or Buddhist countries have to participate in a world’s organization that denies their dignity by using another religion’s calendar?

Hhmmm. Could it be that it's because back in 45BC when the Julian Calendar was established, Islam was still almost 600 years away from being founded? These goofs need to relax and get a life. It was hard enough to try to convert the US and Britain to metrics - and that is still 30 years in the making. And it hasn't really caught on here.

I never hear any of my compatriots at Brubakers say, "Hey Jimmy, how about a .521 liter glass of Guinness?"

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perezoso said...

Actualy Monseiur I agree with calls for calendar reform. Why September (sevenish) for Nine Month? October (eightish) for 10th? etc. The Julian/Gregorian calender is absurd; and are the pagan days of the week (Wednesday-- Wotan's Day?). But I would not support a muslim calender or buddhist really. Perhaps Robespierre's ! Or some sort of mathematical updating.