08 October 2005

Vatican : Closet Cleaning 101

The Vatican is bringing in heavy hitters to dig out Gays within its seminarian ranks. Salon reports that the Catholic Church is on another "power trip" and is looking to out some closeted clergy who may be lurking. Salon claims that this is a "witch hunt" and is yet another example of how poor gays are getting picked on. A source claims that "(an) ultra-conservative minority is driving the investigations, not knowing that some of their favorite icons in the clergy and hierarchy are themselves gay." Maybe the author's finger slipped and she meant to type "vast rightwing conspiracy."

Let's be clear. Everyone knows that there are many clergy who are gay. So what? It doesn't mean that they are pedophiles.

It does mean that they shouldn't be priests.

Let me explain. If you as a person are "called" to service in an institutional religious organization, such as the Catholic church, you take an oath of Chastity. You vow to refrain from sexual activities. This is an important aspect of cultivating a higher spirituality. From time immemorial this was the proscribed process for all "medicine men," Shaman or monks. And so it is with Catholicism. I wrote about this in a previous blog. If these people consider themselves gay then they are defining themselves as, first and foremost, a sexual entity. They are coming out and saying that their sexual identity is an essential part of who they are. That is not what a priest should be doing - I don't care if it's someone who is straight or bi or whatever....It detracts from their sense of clarity and muddles their judgement.

Of course we're all human and prone to all the faults and foibles that go along with that. And I don't expect priests to not have sexual impulses but those should be far, far away - not up at the front of their daily routine. If you hear, "I'm a gay priest" - that is supposed to be accepted by our "politically correct" asinine culture. But if you say, "I'm a straight priest" people would go - "I thought you were just supposed to be a priest. Period."

the Vatican led a campaign to purge American seminaries of critical scholarship, replacing Modernists and demanding intellectual obedience to papal control. In the United States, troublesome seminary faculty were fired, and well-read, critical priests were replaced by new immigrants from Ireland and Italy -- generally poorer and less educated men who were willing to be obedient and play by the rules.

And being gay is not always just a matter of biology. There are many gays who are victims of sexual abuse. That abuse triggered "gay" feelings in them because the abuse occurred when the victim was "pre-verbal" and doesn't remember the acts. So they go through their lives in their early teens with these feelings of wanting to act on (act 'out') and they have the mantra of "I've been gay my whole life" buzzing in their ears. When it was Uncle Charlie who was the one who "got them gay" way back before they could understand and vocalize what was happening to them. And clinicians and psychologists know that when you are a victim of abuse you either "act it in" or you "act it out". That means you act the abuse "out" on others as a way of dealing with it or you act it "in" by doing something to yourself (ie. overeat, look at porn, masturbate excessively...etc.) So when you take the issue of unresolved sexual abuse and put that person in a position of power within a huge institution - that is a loaded gun. You're putting your congregation at risk of being victimized.

Loveline is a great source for this stuff and is the first place that I heard it asked, "when did you get gay?" Dr. Drew (addiction medicine MD) asks his "gay" callers all the time this question, and invariably, the caller can recount a specific incident where he was "turned" gay by an inappropriate sexual act while at a very early age.

Even if the Vatican were able to "cleanse" the American seminaries this time around -- leaving only the stupid, the obedient, the terrorized, the very good liars -- the risks seem great

If you want to see what an untreated sexual predator can do to a young man's life, check out Jeff "the Frugal gourmet" Smith's indictment. He was an ordained minister.

So if you're gay - do whatever you want with your life but don't be a priest, deacon, vicor, pastor or reverend.

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Keith Gordon said...

I agree with you but I must add to what you said. My own observation is that most gay men are boys that grew up without a father. It is a lack of male affection that causes these feelings. Just like most of the slutty girls that I went to school with were from a devorced family. They too lacked male affection. What do you think. I have always felt that this was true.

Keith Gordon

P.S. I'm back at home and just posted a story about Harriet Miers. Let me know what you think.