28 October 2005

Understanding our EU friends

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Michelle Malkin linked to a website which shows how europeans (some would say 'euro-peon') choose to view America. The images are dark and disturbing. The people portrayed are blinded and are screaming in silence - either through pain, anger or aggression. They represent various elements (I'm guessing) of American culture. The flag is on ubiquitous display. Each photo utilizes items that your everyday, typical American would do - put on a Klan outfit and snarl; grab your Dell laptop, and squeeze into a priests' vestments; sit around in your underwear and munch popcorn. These images are twisted but Art is supposed to be active and engaging. These are true to form, in that sense.

Sarcasm aside, I usually don't get upset when it comes to Art. Artists are supposed to be iconoclasts. Art is supposed to breakthrough and engage you on a mythic level. The symbols are timeless and savage. Religion, Mythologoy and Art are inextricably intertwined. That is just the way it it.

I know, I know, your first reaction to the photoset is anger. It's like a slap in the face. You see these and say, "Come on! That is not how our culture is...they're making a mokery! They don't understand."

I would ask you, Dear Reader, to suspend your anger because I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

The europeans are in love with us.

That's right. If you ask your typical Frenchman or German, they know more about US history than most high school sophomores. They love our music, our 'bluejeans', our cuisine, our wines, our luxuries and - yes - our freedoms. They love all things American. That is not to say that all of them love us - just like us, Europeans get to read only the most salacious and controversial news that trickles out of our own media. So they 'across the big pond' have a very skewed idea of what goes on here. They think that we're out of control with sex, with money and with violence. They think we're all racist Klansmen running around with guns - the Cowboy mentality.

The ones that have visited the US are much less sanguineous. They differentiate between what the media portrays and what's really going on. So when you see or hear some EU trashtalking, take it in stride.

Officially: They love to hate us. When the cameras are off, the lights turned down low and the cabernet sauvignon is being poured - the fire in their eyes ignite as they begin to tell you about the first time they heard "Blue Suede Shoes".

Reminds me of the quote by WH Auden - "Between friends differences in taste or opinion are irritating in direct proportion to their triviality."

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Shadi said...

Clever, interesting post with a nice twist MM! I basically concur! ("It's a THIN LINE... between Love and Hate..."!)

My "Baby's Mamma" fiancee is from AUSTRIA (Salzburg area) and I gotta admit I'm falling in love with the place more & more each time we go back to see her "volks"...! ;-) But I suck at the lingo and NEED to explore a bit beyond Oesterreich's borders on the next trip- lemme know if you are going over the pond next summer for a possible hook up... ! (We have a recent refugee from 011 in 023 who is Polish and knows a zillion Euro Copper who motorbike around there & here- he claims to know ALL the hotspots in Europe and has connects up the ying yang... think about it!) (but I've never ridden a cycle in since youthful mini-bikes; would probably crash badly! ;-P



P.S. - How is 025 treating you these days (IF that's your "stomping grounds"...? An adjacent district? (I drove North up Harlem Ave from friggin' WORTH, ILL a few Sundays ago and thought about you and your world when I passed that Italian Cafe you late friend ran... any further news on that and how he drove himself to that terrible end?)