01 October 2005

Self-destructive Diversity

Oh my prohetic soul!

The Times of London reports that the effect of "hard diversity" which teaches that no culture is better than any other culture and that "differences should be celebrated," was what caused the July 7 London bombings.

They simultaneously assert that no culture is better than another, but they will happily elaborate that Western culture is actually inferior and shy away from celebrating it for fear of causing offence, the report says. We are witnessing the revolt of the civilised against civilisation.

The fruits of 30 years of state-endorsed multiculturalism have seen increased inter-racial tension and inter-racial sectarianism, the report, titled The Poverty of Multiculturalism, says. The fact that
the London suicide bombers were born and bred in Britain, and encouraged
by the state to be different, illustrates that hard multiculturalism has
the capacity to be not only divisive but decidedly lethal.

Diversity without values is nothing.

If you dare to compare Christianity with Islam without making the point that Islam has an undercurrent of violence that is absent in Christianity, then you are not being truthful to yourself nor anyone else. For decades we have had the leftist media trying to convince us that we are wrong. "Oh, Islam is Peace" we are told, or "Diversity is our strength" or some such drivel.
The instincts of conservative pundits, it turns out, have been right all along. Not every one is created equal and not everyone who chants to allah is a terrorist. But as they say, we're not looking for a group of Norweigian nuns who are doing the killing, murder and beheadings in the name of allah. If law enforcement is racially profiling, then that means that the police are using their instincts and their intelligence in identifying a pattern to the crimes that they are tracking. It is not only commendable it should be expected.

Diversity is not the answer - it is a dead end. The political correctness and "thought policing" are reminiscent of Orwell's '1984.' The Left has shoved slogan after slogan down our throats "for the common good"

Coming soon to a Dick Durbin rally near you -


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