11 October 2005

The Religion of Peace: Hardly

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A website shows that since 9/11, Islamic extremists have been responsible for over 3,000 murders around the world. The inclination of the mainstream to treat Islam-O-fascists with kidgloves continues to keep the real threat to our national security out of peoples' perception. No other world religion has this type of trackrecord - not hindu, not taoist, not christianity...none. Period. Why isn't this getting more attention? Because the politically correct handwringers who edit and distribute the tripe that is called "news" in our society refuse to acknowledge that Islam is a religion based on mythologies of war and violence. The percentage of quotable Quran verses which deal with peace and love are few and far between. The crusades were 1,000 years ago so don't make any comparison about what happened then and to what is happening now with our Muslim "brethren." It is a shame that the "800lb. elephant" in the room doesn't get any mention in the news. The media implies that it is still our fault for causing an eruption of Islamic violence - although Muslims have been actively fighting all comers since 635AD. Go figure. Truth is a very rare commodity these days.

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perezoso said...

Hear hear, man. The LA newspapers are doing this too: Oh, it's Ramadan, a nice Islamic holiday. In Saudi or Jordan, these media-sluts who write up these "Just Be Nice" reports would be raped and then beheaded, their heads left on their daddies' doorsteps.

Phuck those freaks.