04 October 2005

More "useful idiots"

Oh it was so much simpler back when a red was a red.

Salim Mansur writes in yesterday's Toronto Sun a thoroughly enlightening tirade against Useful Idiots: the slogan first instituted by Vladimir Lenin. He coined the phrase "useful idiots" to describe those living in western democracies who made common cause with his Bolshevik politics.

"He understood them well, held them in contempt while exploiting their despicable naivete and self-loathing for propaganda purposes of the gulag he made of Russia, and his successors from Stalin to Gorbachev served as chief wardens."

There are many well intentioned, good hearted people on the Left who, unintentionally do the bidding of those among us who want to destabilize the Family, remove God from our society and want the State to be the be-all, end-all for all of us. It is sad and pathetic that people can't or won't recognize the dynamics of Stalinist Russia that are an intrinsic part of the Left's platform.

Take the slogan "Give peace a chance." What is implied is that we can't wait to go to war and, given other things being equal - have not the initiative to look at other avenues of conflict resolution. How long did Bush give Saddam to hide or dispose of his stockpile of WMDs before we went into militarily? 18 months! Saddam had a year and half to comply while GW used the United Nitwits to try to force compliance with inspectors. War was the last resort.

How about a slogan of "Give War a chance" because the peace-niks don't really understand who and what we are fighting against. War sometimes works. War certainly worked against the Nazis. It certainly got rid of them. Even at the time of the '30s we had a large portion of our citizenry who were actively opposed to the war. But doing battle and fighting for what you beleive in is sometimes worth the effort. I know Cindy Sheehan doesn't think so but she is a demented personality who is out of touch with reality.

So the Leftist media machine continues to brainwash us with commercials, the newspapers, and cable access News. Don't believe the hype and, don't believe the Media. I've read some sources that claim that Orwell's novel depicts what our society would be like if we went towards a more conservative bend. That is non-sense. Liberals are the ones with the agenda and who ply us with "isms"

Hitler was a social democrat (a Leftist liberal), and was a Vegan and a non-smoker. Hhhhmmmmm.....interesting, no?

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Keith Gordon said...

Smoke up mike. I smoke, unlike Hitler. I'm Pro (smoking) Choice. How bout you? Are you Pro-Choice? Dam "Cigarette Nazis"!