11 October 2005

Le magique de "Dr. Evil"

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The Dr. Evil character in the Austin Powers movies is undoubtedly the most comedic element in the entire 3 film series.

His inteactions with his son, Scott - especially when they are in family counseling - are capable of making all of us recall how we thought that our fathers were, at times, a bit of an enigma. Indeed, sometimes our Dads are downright mysteries.

One of the first movies my father took me to was "Goldfinger." I must have been about 5 years old....I still remember seeing the woman in the beginning of the film who was murdered by being spraypainted gold and can hear Sean Connery say, "They painted over the part of her back where oxygen would get through. She suffocated to death."

Dr. Evil encapsulates all the bad guys that were a part of the Bond series throughout the 60's and 70's. He attempts to balance a cool, hipster, relatable quality but, comes off like a self absorbed dork. Scott recognizes this in his father and is quick to ridicule him for it.

"Your stock is rising, No.2"

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