26 October 2005

The Hate America crowd: SRO

He who is not a liberal when young is foolish. He who is not conservative at middle age is even more so.
- Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

I read some comments on the thread over at SecondcityCop.blogspot.com today and I found myself having much to say on some of the America detractors who shared their views on SCC's blog.

One person held up Chalmers Johnson as a source for the case against our current foreign policy. That is like citing Ted Kennedy as an expert in Boating Safety. Johnson's vitriol for America is scarcely self-contained. He is very vocal in what he believes is a corrupt, inept and imperialistic government that is running the country. The intellectuals on the Left sincerely believe that they are smarter than you....they've got all the answers. They read crackpots like Noam Chomsky or Chalmers Johnson - authors who claim lineage to Marx and Trotsky and, who admire the socialist model - and the Left announces that these 'intellectuals' are brilliant, thoughtful and introspective.

I think that they are deluded - either by a general distrust of authority or by naivete.

But whenever someones starts talking in cliches - the "vast military-industrial complex" and "American Imperialism" you have to ask yourself if this person is really a deep thinker.

It doesn't take too much reasoning to parrot the slogans of history. That's why if left to its own devices, everyone would be a liberal. It's the message that comes through our culture, our media and from our courts. That is why it takes courage, work, research and effort to be a conservative because when you get a knowledge of history, politics and review various systems of governance you realize that the bolshevik element in ours and every other culture is there simply to destabilize. They foment revolution yet, when a State gets established - it is the intellectuals who are marched out first to be shot.

These "useful idiots" are 10 year old children; they want us to make everything "fair." They want an even-playing field for everyone - regardless of qualifications or ability. They spout the same old worn-out cliches: Diversity, glass ceiling, quotas, affirmative action, reparations - in order to keep the feelings of guilt entrenched in our collective soul.

'Too much freedom is just enough' - is a slogan that I admire. It is always refreshing to meet immigrants to the US who come from poorer countries. They are absolutely ecstatic to be here, in the "greatest country in the world."

Why is that?

The leftists would say that it is due to the fact that the immigrants are in a new place and everything that is new is good. That is not the reason. These people come from some horribly repressive countries - places where if you said something bad about a politician, or the government or openly talked about sex : you'd be imprisoned or put to death. Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and you'll see first hand how horrific it is to live in a place like the Soviet Union, Monte Negro, or Myanmar.

On: Chalmers Johson -
First, I cannot support Chalmers Johnson's views because he is a UC Berkley hippy with ties to the SDS. He's a "naom chomsky meets lyndon larouche" type ... America, Bad - Socialism, Good. His writings rail against Bush, Cheney and the CIA but where is the outrage against our own Border Invasion, the billions we spend on illegal immigration and on the criminals who victimize our own citizens? Johnson writes all about how much the Bushs, the CIA and Abu Graib are evil. Another "useful idiot" that gets book smart and tries to force feed his comintern agenda with a spoonful of sugar.

The '4 Sorrows' listed are laughable and, I know now why nobody reads this guy. Only someone with self-loathing & delusions of persecution could put that together.

1. Perpetual state of war - every civilization has to fight. You only preserve your country, boundaries and nation by having a strong military. Lions only attack sick, old or weak prey. "Pax Romana" is the last time a major civilization went without 'overt' battles.
2. Loss of Democracy - it's not the presidency that is eclipsing congress to take away our rights; it's the Liberal activist judges in the Courts who are "interpreting" our laws and making it up as they go along ... PC bullshit like diversity, hate crimes & the 'right to privacy' - they keep going to the EU to get precedents for interpreting our Constitution. It's outragesous!
3. Truth replaced by Propaganda - since the 60's we've been getting fed nothing but fluff and nonsense from our TV news and newspapers. The real Truth is finally getting exposed by good ole Conservative talkradio hosts (Thank you Michael Savage) and Bloggers (Thank you SCC), the Left has been spinning their Agenda since the 60's and no one ever called them on it.
4. Bankruptcy by military projects - Keep those military projects coming! The more we spend on military, the more markets we can expand into because more and more people will feel safe. And why shouldn't we? We've seen how ineffectual the UN is in a fight. Look hwo they screwed up Kosovo, how they have been a big, do-nothing pack of armed rent-a-cops. They are about as motivated as a bag of cottonballs. Chalmers says the Military and Bush will bankrupt us ...how about the billions we spend every year treating criminals to 3 meals, housing and free medical care? How about the billions we spend on giving Illegals tuition, medical care and welfare?
You and all the other "hate America" posters have a right to not like the government, the president or our military & their mission. But I don't appreciate having to hear you spit in the face of our soldiers, our constitution and our country simply because you believe in a socialist utopia.

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