24 September 2005

'Shrub' in a quagmire? Never.

"In World War II it was clearly understood that a successful conclusion to the war did not just mean the military defeat of the aggressor nations on the battlefield. It also meant the occupation of those nations, and the willingness to spend years re-creating them as tolerant, democratic societies. Indeed, US forces occupied Japan and Germany for longer than it took to fight the actual war. The result of that occupation, however, was the transformation of aggressive, totalitarian states into peaceful, liberal democracies. If we wish to see a similar result in Afghanistan or Iraq, then we must be also willing to bear an equal burden." - Dale Franks, a NY Times contributing Columnist (July 16, 2003)

Joe Conason writes in today's Salon.com that Bush is in another "quagmire" (they use the same tiresome verbiage ... haliburton, weapons of mass destruction, quagmire) - this time it's an "ideological" one.

Joe says that there is now an "anti-war" movement afoot in the US with 66% of respondents claiming that they want our troops brought home. Of course the majority of citizens want our boys and girls brought home! Is that really the point?

No. We have to finish our task in Iraq. Period.

The Shrub is correct. With the Left busily rewriting history, sending money to Cindy Sheehan's war-chest and ignoring the obvious, they miss the all-important issue. All throughout history the lesson goes: "the strong survive, the weak get their throats cut and their women and children get sold into slavery."

The terrorists understand this. The North Vietnamese understood this. The Left doesn't.

Joe writes -
The most obvious truth -- anticipated by experts and acknowledged most recently in a study by the eminently conservative and mostly Republican Center for Strategic and International Studies -- is that the precipitous, unjustified and destructive invasion of Iraq has further alienated the Muslim world and promoted Islamist fascism.

And so it goes. It is our fault, the American president woke up one morning and decided to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. The Left is stuck in a 9/10 moment that is reminiscent of "Groundhog Day". In that movie Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again. The difference is that Murray's character learns and develops throughout the process - eventually enjoying a "rebirth" of sorts. The Left is not so lucky.

Using the argument that our actions in the Middle East have "ignited" Islamo-fascism is like saying that deploying police to an area "causes" crime. We do see that mind-set in the black community with regards to the police but that is more a function of black "victimology" and their refusal to take responsibility for the conditions within their communities.

Joe says,"But what of Bush's insistence that an American withdrawal from Iraq would encourage Islamist terror? He is wrong -- and yet the concerns he is exploiting cannot be dismissed lightly."

Again the Shrub is right. Caving into the Media and pulling out of Iraq would undoubtedly bolster Islamo-fascists in their mission. They would see that their Clerics were right all along. They would use that opportunity to say that Allah did indeed bless the Jihadists in their fight against the West. It would take 10 years of more fighting to get back to our current position. Every career criminal and every natural predator knows that you only attack when it is to your advantage - that's why lions attack sick, old or weak animals. Keeping yourself in a strong position is your best defense. Bush, some Democrats and the Republicans understand this. It is not a difficult concept. It is intuitive - a visceral truth.

We are taking care of business in Iraq - no thanks to Joe and the hand-wringers at Salon.com

We need to stay strong, stay focused and complete the mission there. Our lives depend on it.

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