24 September 2005

Rest in Peace, Lorenzo

A friend of mine is gone.

Last Thursday Lorenzo Lamonica killed his ex-wife, then turned the gun on himself, Park Ridge police say. I'd known Lorenzo for a year and always found him to be a warm and gracious man. An immigrant from Sicily, he'd recently returned from a short vacation there. I asked him if he had a good time, to which he replied, "Everywhere I go they tell me to 'eat! eat!' as he patted his stomach. He seemed happy, if not a little distracted. He had a wry smile and was always ready to patiently endure my attempts at speaking Italian. He was a decent man - straight forward and resolute. He was good to the police.

What a terrible loss. As a regular to Cafe Versace (2661 N. Harlem), the news hit me like a punch to the stomach.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. You will be missed, my friend.

Lei sarà mancato, il mio caro amico. Potere lei è portato al cielo da un ospite di angeli.

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