06 September 2005

More evidence of Global Warming

Today's San Francisco Chronicle article, "Scientists Baffled by Saturn's Rings" is more proof that George Bush, evil Republicans and Americans are increasing the amount of green house gases to such an extent that now we're seeing its effects on the Rings of Saturn.

New observations by the international Cassini spacecraft reveal that Saturn's trademark shimmering rings have dramatically changed over just the past 25 years, scientists said Monday. Among the most surprising is that parts of Saturn's innermost ring have grown dimmer, and a piece of the D ring has moved 125 miles inward toward Saturn.

Microwave transmissions from cell phone usage have been measured as far away as Alpha Centauri. These transmissions may be flowing into the Rings of Saturn and disrupting their cohesiveness.

Just like the mayor of New Orleans I am pissed off at these big business Republicans not caring! Now we have direct evidence that our American lifestyle is threatening the delicate balance of our Solar System. What next? Are we going to cause a Milky Way collapse when all the baby diapers buried in landfills around the US deteriorate at once? I shudder to envision such a nightmare scenario.

Saturn has been a fixture in our night sky for 4 billion years. I'm saddened to see that now, because of Global Warming, we may cause it to disappear forever - just like we did to the Spotted Owl.

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