13 September 2005

Fear & Loathing on the Left

Even though I admire Bill Moyers; when it comes to politics - he should keep his opinions to himself. He has become the High Priest of the Unhinged Left; their philosopher-cum-pundit, their harbormaster in spurious, quasi-thoughtful discourse.

He commences his speech to the Union Theological League by repeating stories about religious persecution dating back to 1651 – that's ’AD.’ Moyers wants his audience to believe that we are in danger of returning to a Theocracy due to our current conservative political climate.

No longer could magistrates order citizens to support churches they did not attend and recite creeds that they did not believe. No longer would "the loathsome combination of church and state" -- as Thomas Jefferson described it -- be the settled order. Unlike the Old World that had been racked with religious wars and persecution, the government of America would take no sides in the religious free-for-all that liberty would make possible and politics would make inevitable.

The truth, as usual, is obscured by the irrational hatred for George W. Bush and the ever-present need of the Left to acquiesce to any and all criminal elements.

Moyers says that the Koran enflamed "these murderous young men" to come to America and kill our people on 9/11. Again the Leftist in Moyers comes screaming to the forefront. It was the Koran that was to blame, not so much the terrorists themselves. Moyers implies that we need to "understand" these people to help us come to a sense of balance and to exempt Muslims from responsibility. Would Moyers and people of his ilk give the same courtesy to post WWII Nazis? The dynamics are the same. The Germans had a solid rationale for their actions – including testimony from scientists and philosophers. They were zealots for the Fueror. Everything was justified. Today the Leftist media is justifying everything from criminals to terrorism by claiming that economics and misunderstanding caused the 9/11 tragedies.

Moyers cites excerpts from the Koran to highlight our misunderstanding of these poor murderous "young men."
Where is the same consideration for our own religious Right? Where is the tolerance, the understanding? No where. The same Leftists continually debase our own religious citizenry by pulling passages from the old testament to show how barbarous and intolerant we are. The question is: "Where are the Christian Terrorists?" The answer: No where. It is another invention of the Left that there is a "sect" of some unnamed, unfounded Christian terrorists that are out there standing peacefully at abortion clinics holding up placards.

He says that our "soul freedom" is in jeopardy.

The First Amendment neither inculcates religion nor inoculates against it. Americans could be loyal to the Constitution without being hostile to God, or they could pay no heed to God without fear of being mugged by an official God Squad.

Moyers says that our Constitution "neither inculcates religion nor inoculates against it." But the glaring detail he omits is that the Left is concerned with God to the extent that they can actively remove God, religion and spirituality from our society and culture. They implicitly want God – as you understand God – to be replaced by the all-mighty State. An atheist utopia is their goal.

The ultimate purpose of all terrorism is to instill fear. If they can get into our "hearts and minds" then half the battle is met. That needs to be addressed and our media giants are not doing it. They are hoping that by blaming our President, the Patriot Act, Haliburton and/or Global Warming, it will all go away.

I agree with Moyers that literally interpreting the bible is not our highest spiritual aspiration. Taking the bible as a historical document removes all the mystical elements out of our religious experiences. It lowers the metaphysical down to no more than a newspaper article. If you really believe that the Great Flood actually happened then it becomes a big "so what?" The point of the Flood myth is that it represents a symbolic event in your spiritual life – a great change, the Phoenix arising from the ashes to be reborn in the fires of alchemy, a death and resurrection. Just as the point of Jesus’ crucifixion is not that he lived and died, it is that his life and death stood for something. It must point to something within you that is magical, mystical and mythic.

Moyers does all of us a disservice by not recognizing that he is taking the "road well traveled." He has adopted the mantle of Bush-hatred and self-flagellation.

The bottom line is that you have to be an enemy of America in order to get sympathy, understanding and empathy from the unhinged Left.

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Anonymous said...

Both you and Bill Moyers are wrong. It's the U.S. government policy from the last several decades that led to 9/11. Duh, it came from Osama's lips. Get out of the country once and a while and see how the rest of the world reacts to the self-centered awesomeness of the United States.