29 August 2005

Redeeming qualities of NPR (national peoples radio)

When I'm driving and scan the FM dial, I sometimes land on 91.5 WBEZ . If it is anytime between 8am to 8pm, I can't hit the scan button again fast enough to navigate away from my local NPR affilitate. WunderKraut's blog really sums up my feelings on why NPR should be treated with the utter contempt that they so richly deserve. Listen to just one hour of their programming drivel and you'll see how their politic agenda is barely concealed. They hold themselves up as champions of the "little people" but all they end up doing is blaming us for everything that is wrong with the world.

This is what drives me nuts about the Left. They are hyper-critical, morose, intolerant and condemnatory - but not when it comes to criminals, Democratic mores or our enemies overseas. Their favorite targets of contempt are Neo-Cons, Republicans, the White House and George Bush. They even invented (via Hillary Rotten Clinton) a "vast RightWing conspiracy" and named that as the ultimate bedrock of everything that is wrong with our country. They truly believe that if we just threw money and resources at every one of our domestic policy ills, they would just magicly disappear. They have selective amnesia and a blatant disregard for reality, history and human nature.

They can't or choose not to see how they support platforms that perpetuate welfare dependence, crime and a weaker state.

I wouldn't even care about all this if it was a minority that bought in to this Liberal miasma. But many people choose to have only 2 sources of 'news' in the media - NPR and the NYTimes. I know many people in this ilk and they are good folks with kind hearts and good intentions but they can't see the big picture. They parrot the Left's agenda by squawking a few key words - "halliburton", "bush lied - people died", "no weapons of mass destruction" and "no blood for oil." If you call them out on the carpet for these statements and ask for a clarification on what they mean by, let's say, "halliburton" - you're bound to hear them make some outrageous claim that Bush/Cheney only started the war so that defense contractor halliburton could make billions on the reconstruction. It has all been proven to be a flat-out lie propagated by the Democratic party as a way to delegitimatize the Bush administration.

Having said that I do sincerely enjoy two NPR programs - the Joe Frank segment and Jazz programming.

Joe Frank is a voice over announcer who puts together stories, mock-interviews and interesting monologues. The stories are riveting - all told over a background of beautiful melodic jazz which is hypnotic and energetic. Last night they rebroadcast a piece called "Summerhill: The Other Side 2001" in which a phone conversation between "Larry" and "David" touches on Wilhelm Reich and the sexual abuses commited by him and on his behalf by his deluded followers at Summerhill. Reich comes off sounding alot like "Dr." Rodolph Turcotte who is really Dr. Finch in the book "Running with Scissors." Dr. Turcotte alegedly used his position as a psychiatrist to have sexually abused/raped some of his patients, provided prescription drugs to the minor son of one of his patients, and was known to read his own bowel movements as "messages from God." The piece is also interspersed with audio lectures of the principal of Summerhill - who seduced and carried on a homosexual affair with Gregory.

Their jazz programing is wonderful. The standards are covered in full with no "smooth jazz / Kenny G" nonsense. It is just too bad that I have to sleep because I could listen to it all night long.

It is just too bad that these two wonderful programs have to be tied in with NPR. I like my media served without the demagoguery.

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