18 August 2005

Ignore Art at your own Risk

I haven't been a regular reader of Salon.com - I do pick and choose who I'll read. My first sally into their realm was to read the movie breakdown/review of "Mulholland Drive". It is a tremendous movie with fluid imagery, mythic symbology and - 4 hot, 'girl-on-girl' lesbian scenes....gggrrrrrrrr!

After seeing the film I had to go dig around for an appropriate source to describe and interpret what I had just seen. Thankfully that is where Salon.com came in. Their review was both hysterical and useful. You can read the review at Mulholland Drive

Back to LOTF. Rebecca Traister is a staff writer for Salon Life who penned a short piece about how she blew off a reading of Lord of the Flies before taking an examination on the contents of the novel. She did this because she had discovered a proven method of divining the contents of a book by see its cover illustration. Hhmmmm.

She probably would have been better served by reading the book. It works on a number of levels and has much to offer. (See Lord of the Flies). Her flippant dismissal of all that is Lord of the Flies makes me think that she hasn't left the dementia of high school behind.

Many people do not like "LOTF" and for very good reasons. The novel forces the reader to suspend their everyday notions that 'people are basically good' and that civilization is the end-all, be-all to our existence. Some people cannot get beyond these concepts because they're not willing to be honest with themselves about human nature. These people are the same that donate to "africa relief" with the erroneous expectation that their $50 will go into the mouths of hungry children - when anyone with an 8th grade education knows that the majority of funding in dictatorial regimes goes into the dictators' gold-enameled plumbing fixtures.

It takes courage, virtue and principles to tackle "LOTF" because it will rub your nose into the smelly underparts of our society. It makes one believe in the Devil - thereby indirectly forcing one to acknowledge God. Shock!In our Left guided society, you can't be comfortable watching a group of innocent school children butchering each other after 2 weeks of being without their beloved Government (Labor Party, no doubt).Indeed our socialist/communist handbooks are fairly explicit in their aims - Divide the family, remove God, make the State our new diety.

George Orwell would just shake his head ....

"Winston, we shall meet in the room where there is no darkness."

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GM Roper said...

Michael, I came by your blog via No Pasaran. I notice you have been blogging since August and I decided to read a few posts. I'm really glad I did...

Great blog, great writing. I'm adding you to my New to the blogroll section and posting on ya in the AM. Keep up the good work!