28 June 2018

Identitarianism for All, or Nobody

"Western civilisation needs a complete overhaul or it will fall apart one day or another. It has realised the most complete perversion of any rational order of things. Reign of matter, of gold, of machine, of number, it no longer possesses breath, or liberty, or light."

~ Julius Evola

As part of our collective decline, We've gone from Communism to Racial Communism.

The Left's biggest error within the last 30 years is thinking that whites (European Americans) would never engage in identity politics.

The reason?

Because while allowing all other ethnic groups to openly advocate for their individual ethnic interests: Whites were taught that doing so was "racist", and by using the word "racist" it effectively stifled any feelings of whites recognizing that they're being attacked and targeted.

But thanks to the alternative right, the Overton Window is shifting and whites are indeed seeing that there is a large amount of racial hostility directed at them.

The "Conservative" movement is dead, having "conserved" almost nothing: especially our First Amendment rights of free speech, assembly and freedom of association.

Levin, Savage, Gallagher, Malkin, Hannity and Medved (not so for Tucker), are willfully ignorant to the racial animus directed towards whites.

Here's a clip of some Based Tucker in action.

And Frame Games comes in with some Based Tucker information right here --->

It is our highest duty to be Truthful, to be honest and courageous enough to ignore morality in favor of verisimilitude. And that's why I say that we should have Diversity for everyone, or no one. If Diversity is going to be a $1 trillion dollar industry, then it needs to include whites and those of European descent.

Is that fair? Don't we have a right to exist? Aren't we created by God and endowed with inalienable rights? Don't we have a right to defend our interests as everyone else can?

Of course. As Edmund Burke said, "The only thing for evil to win is for good men to do nothing." To give you a primer on what we're facing and what the future holds, I'm posting these three youtube IBS videos of Canadian biologist Jean-Francois Gariepy. His guest for these special reports was a Jewish man who goes by the nom-de-guerre of Frame Games.

Share this information with your circles of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. If we don't take action now, we can see what was done in Haiti, in South Africa and Brazil.

With love in my heart, I bid you all Peace.

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01 March 2017

FOP-WrestleMania 2017

The Fan Dance

My brothers and sisters. Here we go again.

By now you know the drill: Every three years the "Boys" get together, unite under a ticket, claim the incumbent sucks ("They said they'd come out to every roll call and they never did!") and that they "can do everything so much better, in the light of day and we'll fight for your rights".

For we lonely plebeians it's difficult to wade through the clutter and vote for the best candidates. Many times we vote because our buddy "Harry" worked with "Steve" in 005 and says "he's a good guy" so we check the box because we know Harry and if Harry says Steve is "good" we go ahead and "do the right thing."

I know, I know. Well this FOP voting system is set up this way for a reason. And that's to keep the membership minimally informed on what's going on inside the sacred halls of the FOP, and to barely know the people running on the various tickets. There is no true "Vetting" because there is no media to investigate the candidates, their backgrounds, their positions, their corrupt ties, or the skeletons in their closets.

Like a fan dance, they open a feather here, maybe a little there so you get a peek - but you never get the full Monty.

Here's my take on the candidates. I'll only discuss those running for President.

Dean Angelo, Sr

Time in office: 3 years

Grade: C+

Dean inherited a mess - with Mike Shields almost single-handedly destroying Lodge 7. So I have some sympathy for him. He righted the ship fairly quickly and stabilized our negotiations with the city. He's also been very visible in the media when it comes to defending officers who've "stepped on their batons" in public. I think that is laudable and should be happening more frequently.

My issues with Dean are these:

1) He acquiesced to the body-cameras with nary a fight.

2) He acquiesced to allowing the ACLU to dictate Chicago Police department policy, and to have unfettered access to CPD personnel.

3) Took away part of our tuition reimbursement.

4) Lowered our healthcare and raised our costs.

5) New police hires won't be paid Duty Availability for their first 4 years.

In addition to those listed above, there are other "irregularities" that are alarming. Dean and Company took a trip to Florida in January (on our dime) to attend a conference with retired officers who live on the west coast of Florida. They're trying to get retirees a voting voice with the Union. I don't have a problem with retirees adding their voice but they really only should have input on the pension and healthcare - the two issues they deal with. Active members have other issues that the "Old Guard" don't have to deal with. Plus the retirees are good at being manipulated through fear that their bennies are going to be taken away if some new whipper-snapper gets into the FOP Palace.

The FOP handed out golf-shoes at the 2016 golf-outing which cost the lodge tens of thousands of dollars.

Dean put on this Facebook page a fund-raiser to get his daughter's veterinary bills paid because her dog got sick. (I know that one's a bit petty.)

I give Dean the C+ because I think he could be more aggressive when it comes to defending us (and don't tell me about 'OPTICS' - that's just an excuse to accept the premise of our enemy's debate) he needs to step up and speak the truth about our city, our mayor, our aldermen and the criminal gangs that run the South and West sides.

Kevin Graham and The Blue Voice

I attended a group meeting with Eddie Johnson soon after he was picked as the Superintendent. He gave us his word that he "hated the ACLU and BLM thugs" and would do every thing in his power to make them go away. He said he wouldn't approve the ACLU agreement when it expired. At the table was Kevin W. Graham (019). While we tried to make the case to the Supe that our department was in an existential crisis, Graham decided it would be a good time to bend the Supe's ear about "manpower" shortages in district 019. And not to be outdone, some CAPS Barbie from 014 spent 5 minutes of our time begging the Supe to bring the "baseball cap" back into the uniform matrix.

To use a phrase from Gerry McCarthy, I'm "underwhelmed" with Kevin Graham. I think this interview speaks volumes.

Though he has many shining stars on his team, he won't get my vote for president. (Yes go ahead and vote for Marty Prieb as 2nd VP)

Mike Shields

The walking disgrace that is Mike Shields is well known amongst the rank and file. His public shenanigans have made headlines, and tarnished the public perception of the department. His tenure as FOP president was rank, amateur and corrupt.

Shields is a liar, a narcissist, and completely incapable of honest self-assessment. In my humble opinion, he isn't fit to wear the Badge of a Chicago Police Department officer.

If you're considering voting for him - slap yourself, hard.

Brock Merck

Brock Merck will get my vote for FOP president. And why? Because my buddy Harry worked with Steve in 005 and Steve says Brock is The Man! (just kidding).

I think that in the role of FOP President he could do great things for our union members. The fact that he addresses Body-Cams and ISR's as primary problematic issues for us is key.

I have to remind you that we should NEVER be lumped in with Leftist labor groups like SEIU, AFSCME, IEA, NEA or CTU. Those unions literally HATE us. CTU magazine two years ago had 3 teachers on the cover with their hands in the air and t-shirts that read "Hands up, Don't shoot."

In this new era of Trump, I think Merck may be the very person to change the same old blue print of how we approach City Hall. His leadership could change our bargaining position for the good, and we could get back our healthcare, our educational allotment, our pride and ultimately our effectiveness.

Most of us went #fetal after the COPRA was created and the ACLU went on their witch-hunt. When you have 807 homicides in one year, with 14 people getting killed by Chicago Police - and you let your police offices get harassed, vilified and fired for "institutional racism" -- you're clearly not ready to deal with reality.

Maybe Brock Merck will make FOP Lodge 7 Great Again.

I say give him a chance.

05 October 2015

Chicago Police pension board election - 2015

Have you heard that our pension fund is in dire straits? Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years, or have the IQ of a salamander, then you know that the new "crisis" being promoted by Rahm Emmanuel is just another opportunity to burden you and your family with more taxes.

 photo 18736507-30fd-4ef1-82b5-94e90abdcdda_zpsywxm7kpw.jpg

That discussion is for another day - let's talk Pension Board.

Whether our taxes are raised or not, we have an election for Pension Board Trustee coming up. Members will receive ballots in the mail sometime between October 9th to the 12th. The ballots will be counted on October 22nd .

The 3 guys running are Mike Lappe, Michael J. Koszola, and Wilson Fantauzzi. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a big fan of Mike Lappe. He's done a great job representing our interests on the board.

Your Pension At A Glance

Right now we have $2.8 billion in the Fund, with a current funding level of 27%. Outlays over the next 2 years will be $920 million. These outlays are two parts: 1) Retiree benefits, and 2) Duty Disability payments.

The Fund pays its expenses and stays solvent by investing its assets. Currently the rate of return on its diversified investments are 8 - 12%. Each active member pays 9% into the pension. The Fund receives monthly checks from 12,002 active members, but pays out 13,200. [approx. 9,400 retirees, 3,600 widows, and the rest in disability payouts].

Three years ago Mike was elected to the board.

Before Mike was elected there were 284 police officers in Duty Disability status. Today there are 233.

Under Mike's tenure, the board has saved $9 million dollars.

How? By catching coppers who are scamming the system.

Under Mike's leadership and oversight, 19 officers who were on Duty Disability either went back to work, or retired. Of course they were shown video of themselves working their painting jobs, lifting heavy bags of concrete in their backyards, or water skiing. The Duty Disability system is full of cracks. It was developed to help officers who were injured in the line of duty but like anything else, it gets abused. Especially amongst our ranks are coppers who present with vague and "non specific" symptoms like dizziness, headaches, back aches or general pain. These symptoms are the part and parcel of the Professional Malingerer.

Mike worked hard to get to the nitty gritty in the financials and realized that cutting expenses equated to increasing Fund revenues. With that in mind, he went after the officers who failed to show up for their Independent Medical Examinations (IME). Each IME costs the Fund $1,500. Mike has forced "no show" members to pay that fee out of their own pockets - even making one female officer pay $3,000 for failing to show up at two of her appointments.

Sidebar: Illinois Policy Institute does a phenomenal job tracking the financial Tsunami that is Illinois. They have a very good plan that fixes the pension funds for Police and Fire without raising property taxes. It's here if you're interested.

Answering the Critics

I shook my head when I read the comments at this post over at SCC's blog. The things that my fellow officers choose to focus their energies on bewilder me.

Here's my take on a few:

Charge: "Lappe's not doing anything that IAD wasn't doing 10 years ago."

Fact : IAD only videotapes cases where an officer is being investigated within the parameters of the "Confidential Section" of IAD. The Medical Integrity Unit is supposed to catch coppers scamming the system or violating the medical rolls. The problem with that is there are only 4 or 5 employees at the MIU doing the investigations. Mike's been hiring private investigators at $1,000 per case to catch officers abusing the system - and guess what: It's working!

Charge: "Lappe is close to 63 and if he gets elected he has to step down. Why waste our time?"

Fact : Mike does turn 63 in a year but the Board is considering extending the age up. If that doesn't happen, Mike has a capable replacement to fill his vacant chair.

Charge: "Lappe didn't attend any Board meetings before he was elected 3 years ago so it doesn't matter if Koszola or Fantauzzi didn't either."

Fact : Mike attended meetings on his own time starting 5 years ago and decided back then that someone needed to step up and get involved in our pension fight.

It Matters

Mike's taken the Board in a new direction - a direction that not only looks to protect the active members, but also the retirees. He's going to hold Rahm's feet to the fire if the City balks at funding the pension. A group of attorneys are working with Mike to sue the City if there is a default. You don't have to have a CPA or a finance degree to be an effective board member; Mike's proof of that.

Please consider Mike Lappe for Trustee when you get your ballot this week, and make sure you send it in as soon as possible. Your vote matters.

Don't Be a Slappy, Vote for Lappe!

21 September 2015

Adam Carolla and "Chickenshit" cops

Let me start by saying I love Adam Carolla. Witty, smart, original and funny as hell are what keep me listening to his podcasts and buying his books (Not Taco Bell Material, In 50 Years We'll All Be Chicks, Daddy Stop Talking!)

My Bro-Mance with Adam started long ago when he was co-hosting LoveLine with Dr. Drew Pinski. They've reunited for a semi-weekly podcast that is well worth your time.

The thing I sincerely enjoy from Adam is his honesty, and an honest person can't be censored. From time to time throughout the years Adam's career he's been highly critical of police in California and has gone ballistic on 'chickenshit cops'; due to himself getting stopped and cited for minor traffic violations (specifically: no front plate, no seatbelt and speeding).

During the September 17th, 2015 Adam&Drew podcast, Adam went on a tirade in which he said,"After 9/11 we made the mistake of saying that they're all heroes. They [police officers] are not all heroes. ("Chickenshit" comments are 15:01 thru 20:45)

That's fine and I understand the impetus for the anger and resentment because, to be honest, we police officers should be more lenient with the law abiding citizens who actually work for a living, aren't out creating disorder and are contributing to society in a positive way.

What ignited his ire for this podcast is that he was in London, England and observed that it is a regular occurrence to see Londoners loitering outside drinking establishments with glass pints of beer in their hands and smoking cigarettes. He used the observation to roundly criticize the police for harassing law abiding people here who would like to walk around their neighborhood with open alcohol or hang outside with a beer while playing a game of bags.

 photo e667a193-068a-4f1f-9237-4c5109fcc1b0_zpskihbqcwc.jpg
"The picture of civility - white folks out enjoying a pint"

Here are my comments as a veteran police officer:

1) Lighten Up: If you pin on a badge, step out in to the street and place yourself in harm's way then by definition you are a hero. You are by default putting your life and safety on the line just by being out in uniform. We aren't perfect, and some of us are barely qualified to sort glass at a recycling center, but the majority of us do the best we can. Any traffic stop can turn deadly. Any noise disturbance can be an ambush. We are getting murdered just sitting at stop lights these days. Are we on the same level as combat soldiers? No, but our job isn't to "break things and kill the enemy" like your standard infantryman; on a moment's notice we have to be able to engage people in various roles. Sometimes we're the law enforcer, sometimes we're the priest, or the psychologist - or sometimes we're the clown.

We aren't engineers, or dentists or radio hosts - careers where you never have to fight someone, arrest a violent offender who is twice your size, or see your co-worker lying shot in the face on a dirty sidewalk. How about some perspective, people.

2) Quotas: You live in an affluent area (aka California) which means that your local police departments are imposing "quotas" on their officers and compelling them to write "chickenshit" tickets. Contact your local politician, the mayor's office and your congressman and demand that the quotas be lifted. When you give the police more flexibility, most cops will be more discriminating in who they cite. And by the way, if cops were more stringent in citing and arresting black people, the incarceration rates of black would be even higher than they are now. The fact is cops give blacks breaks much more than is reported.

3) Equality: The mainstreaming of Marxism means that "Equality of outcomes" is now the bar that must be attained. All laws, at all times, must be applied to everyone, even when there is no rational expectation for enforcing the laws in that area. A white woman pulling her 3 year old in a wagon on Halloween and sipping a chardonnay is equally as deserving a ticket as a black gangster disciple walking with a glass of Hennessy at 1 a.m. at 71st and Indiana.

"Urban area" policing is becoming the template more and more in low crime areas because departments don't want to be accused of treating minorities different than whites. Even though white people aren't out drinking Hennessy in the streets til 2 a.m., playing dice games and murdering each other over a $10 pot - under the rules of Political Correctness, our leadership will compel officers to cite ordinary law-abiding citizens for the same stuff we do in the ghettos. By the way, we enforce the drinking in public and public gaming ordinances in the ghettos because putting Jojo or BooBoo in jail for 8 hours may save someone's life. Those laws are designed to avert violence in public. Why are Brits allowed to stand out side their pubs and drink? The obvious point is that their actions are not contributing to public violence. But go to a football match in the UK and see if the cops enforce public drinking laws and they do because there's a difference between hooligans and civilized folks. One group can't handle their alcohol and the other can.

4) Projecting: The problem with being a public figure like Adam is that his life story is an open-book. He is a contrarian and an iconoclast, and why? Because maybe his dad wasn't a part of his life and, of course, he's got a lot of resentment. Unfortunately he assigns his anger and hurt to "The Police" because on some level they represent Daddy. How many of the "BlackLivesMatter" people are in the same boat; blaming cops because they just hate their dads? Seeing the illegitimacy statistics for blacks makes my point for me.

In conclusion, it's easy to pick on the police because we are the "face" of the Big State, and nobody likes to get cited, stopped, intruded upon or harassed. We police officers are not mind-readers and don't have the ability to foresee who's going to commit a crime. So lighten up! If you get stopped for a legit reason; shut the fuck up, take your ticket and thank the officer.

Realize that if you believe you're living in a police state - it is due to Leftist politicians; not because cops are "assholes on a power trip."

31 March 2014

This Brave New World

Ronald Reagan said,"The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." He was referring to the Progressive Left's ignorance of history, economics and human nature, but in a large sense he was tapping into the wisdom that under-girds our civilization (ie. Nature's God and natural law.)

As Mark Levin wrote in his seminal book Liberty and Tyranny: A Manifesto:

Our rights come from God, not from Man or a senate subcommittee or an Imperial president. Therefore our rights remain unalienable.

The violation of these natural laws leads to tyranny. I use tyranny in the sense that it smothers free speech, free will, free thought. You, as the sovereign citizen, no longer enjoy the liberty to freely express your views, even those founded in Religious ideas. The State is actively now using legislation to stifle free speech and religious freedoms. The State is forcing religious institutions to provide birth control. The State is compelling you to purchase insurance; forcing you into a private contract against your will. The State is morphing into a sick parody of Orwell's 1984.

The Gay Agenda is now a real threat to your personal Liberty. Tolerance is now only extended to those who agree with the New Left's political agendas of political correctness and MultiKulti.

Love is a 4 Letter word

 photo jan_noh8_zpse0592388.jpg

Such is where we find ourselves today with homosexuality and the rise of the spurious Gay Marriage movement. To be publicly opposed to the gay agenda makes you a "hater" and a "homophobe".

I've written about this back in 2013 and my thoughts have continued to percolate, and evolve, on this important topic. I can say in all earnestness that Gay Marriage and Amnesty are the most important battles for conservatives to fight because our society will fall (ie. Balkinize) if we don't stand against them.

Is this hyperbole?

No. We're losing the culture wars. Period. We have 1960's radicals embedded within academia, the media and the government who want to tear this country down from within. Here's an example of what's being fed into the New Normal (That's a family!):

Notice how the only mediating factor of what is a family is the presence of love. The word Love has devolved into a platitudinous morass. What is love? Can I love my dog? My pet hamster? My sister? The 4-year old daughter of my neighbor? Can I marry 8 women if I "love" all of them?

Our idea of romantic love was unknown before the 12th Century. Not until the story of Tristan and Isolde was published did anyone even have a concept of romantic love. Love was reserved for the special, for royalty to beget lands and marriage was for having children.

Where did we go wrong? Again, the 1960's "Sexual Revolution" catapulted sex into the mainstream and an incessant drumbeat of "sex is good, sex is normal" anything-goes approach to morality emerged. If you disagreed with that then you had "hang ups" or you were "too straight"

But what if you want to promote a virtuous, moral and religious life?

Dr. Judith Reisman addresses the question and provides the answer: Shut up about it!

The Predators

Flawed Assumptions

David Benkof, writing for the Daily Caller, challenges the fundamental assumptions about the Gay movement. He breaks-down the biases of "Gay parenting" studies (Gay Parenting Studies are flawed http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/25/all-the-gay-parenting-studies-are-flawed/

And in Nobody is born that way! he addresses the 800 pound Gorilla in the room that nobody else in the media wants to discuss -- that there is no empirical evidence that anyone has a genetic disposition to homosexuality.

Christianity gets singled-out and vilified for promoting One-Man-One-Woman relationships but what of Islam?

Celebrate Deviancy!

As much as I disagree with Islam as a societal blueprint, you can't argue with their understanding of homosexuality. I would make the case that men and women who dissipate themselves in multiple straight "hook ups" are equally wrong but as a conservative with libertarian inclinations, I believe you are free to do what you want in your own bedroom and with your own genitalia. My beef with the Gay Agenda is that it is now being forced upon us a Public Policy. I speak for most conservatives when I say that we don't want "Religious Police" enforcing Bible scriptures and locking up Gays for being deviants, but the whole thing begs the question: What is there to celebrate?,p>

• Homosexuals live 20 years less than their straight counterparts. • In Sex in America: A definitive study showed that only 2.8% of men and 1.4% of women identify themselves as gay or bisexual. • Gay "monogamy" is hardly on par with traditional marriage participants (https://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=IS04C02) • As a group, Blacks strongly oppose gay marriage for religious reasons. The top six U.S. male serial killers were all gay--- • Donald Harvey claimed 37 victims in Kentucky; • John Wayne Gacy raped and killed 33 boys in Chicago • Patrick Kearney accounted for 32, cutting his victims into small pieces after sex and leaving them in trash bags along the Los Angeles freeways; • Bruce Davis molested and killed 27 young men and boys in Illinois; • A gay sex-murder-torture ring (Corll-Henley-Brooks) sent 27 Texas men and boys to their grave; and • Juan Corona was convicted of murdering 25 migrant workers (he "made love" with their corpses). • Lesbian Aileen Wuornos laid claim in 1992 to "worst female killer" with at least 7 middle-aged male victims. She single-handedly topped the lesbian nurse team of Catherine Wood and Gwen Graham, who had killed 6 convalescent patients in Grand Rapids, Michigan. • A study of 518 sexually-tinged mass murders in the U.S. from 1966 to 1983 determined that 350 (68%) of the victims were killed by those who practiced homosexuality and that 19 (44%) of the 43 murderers were bisexuals or homosexuals. • The ‘hate crimes’ gays complain about are infrequent and seldom involve more than name-calling or snide remarks. The FBI reported 431 hate crimes against homosexuals for the U.S. in all of 1991. Only one was "confirmed" for Washington, D.C. – yet D.C. gay activists claimed 397 incidents! When pressed, they admitted that at least 366 of these "crimes" consisted of "verbal harassment." (Sticks and Stones)


We are fighting for the very soul of our country. The culture war is on-going and the foundations of our country are being torn apart. Be not afraid - even the Buddha was subjected to temptations and Fear and he defeated them. As the struggle ended, he realized the cause of suffering and how to remove it. He had gained the most supreme wisdom and understood things as they truly are. He became the Buddha, 'The Awakened One'. From then on, he was called Shakyamuni Buddha. Here's a PSA from the 50's when sanity and common sense weren't outlawed by our Media Masters and political ruling classes:

For more information --- http://www.truenews.org/Homosexuality/homosexual_myths_and_facts.html




20 March 2014

Crooked City, the interview

Ken Kesey, the author of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest famously said, “It's the job of the writer in America to say, ‘Fuck you God, fuck you and the Old Testament that you rode in on, fuck you.’ The job of the writer is to kiss no ass, no matter how big and holy and white and tempting and powerful.”

Chicago cop Marty Preib just published his new book Crooked City. It is a compelling story about a series of murders on the westside in 1982. It includes the violence that took the lives of the Parker family, Chicago Police officers O’brien and Fahey, and a young couple in Washington park. It is a story that the Chicago media are terrified to tell because it doesn’t conform to their ‘narrative.’

Their narrative goes something like this,The police are always bad and pick on people for no reason. The offender is always the victim of police abuse and is not an offender but a victim of ‘the system.’”

(See also Joe the Cop's Ghetto Shooting Template for a more focused reaction).

Sound about right? I wrote the above impromptu but you can read Stokely Carmichael’s speech from 1966 (link here) and recognize the same sentiment. Couldn’t you picture ‘Screwy-Lewie’ Farrakahn or Jesse ‘Jackass’ Jackson saying those exact words at a podium in a Bronzeville basement or in an MB (Make Believe) church at 71st & Prairie? Couldn’t you see Tribune senior editor Gerould W. Kern or Stephen Chapman laying down that bullshit at an editorial meeting with their senior writers? They’d all nod in unison as they sipped their no-fat soy Starbucks lattes while adjusting the hipster “pajama boy” glasses?

Of course you could because this drivel is what gets regurgitated almost daily in this rotten stinking city – through the politicians, and the Old Media.

To go against the media narrative, to confront it, is a big risk. A big, big risk. As the rank & file police officers know, there are no First Amendment protections afforded a police officer. We are guilty until proven innocent. We are not allowed to even voice our opinions or comment publicly unless we clear it through the News Affairs bureau.

That’s the beauty of Crooked City – Marty stands before the ‘Uni-Party-Race-Baiting Combine’ (my words) and boldly gives it the finger.

Marty’s book is a scathing indictment of the Innocence Project and is a lesson on how good intentioned Liberal policies never take into account the unintended consequences of those myopic world views.

Sometimes the consequences are palatable – affirmative action discriminates against a white student. Or sometimes the consequences are deadly – Mary Hutchison gets strangled to death by James Ealy.

In these vignettes from 1982, the consequences were death.

Marty’s book read’s like Capote’s In Cold Blood with the exception that you get insight into the author’s day-to-day strivings and his inner musings. His insights on the city are unique and are tinged, thankfully, with an outsider’s view. I picture Marty’s muse carrying a sword in one hand, and the scales of justice in the other. He stands solidly at the side of the victim’s whose voices were silenced and yet continue to cry for justice.

From the book (page 156) “These narratives [police torture] accomplish their goal by deflecting away from the crime scenes themselves and moving to places like the interview rooms at the police districts. No doubt Andrew Wilson [the killer of O’brien and Fahey] got his ass kicked while in custody. Likely other police killers got smacked around. But systemic torture? Electrocution? What freedom these myths provide to their adherents, what power. Activists like Protess wage any claim whatsoever, no matter how baseless or destructive. Is there nothing now that can’t be claimed or argued? …. But where, in truth, was the systemic abuse and fraud – in the police interview rooms or the law offices, university classrooms and newsrooms? …It’s becoming clear to me why the journey to people like [Ricky} Shaw is so fraught with failure, miscommunications, and menacing threats, whi I feel such hopelessness about it. Did I think it would be a simple task to confront these narratives that had taken hold of the city?

Marty is originally from Michigan and came to Chicago to follow his dream of being a writer. He worked as a doorman for 10 years and then became a Chicago cop because he “needed a good job, and I needed a pension and didn’t like being inside” (I could say the same thing.)

Chicago is a funny place to be an artist because Los Angeles or New York are bustling metropolises with strong creative enclaves. Chicago will still grind you down like LA or NYC but Chicago doesn’t have as many like-minded people surrounding you. I think that’s why Chicago is a creative wasteland.

In 2010 Marty was interviewed by Billy Lombardo and it was shown on C-span. It was filmed in 2010 and about two-thirds of the way through, Marty discusses this project and what drew him into the Wrongful Conviction maze.

At one point he was asked about the craft. Marty’s response was classic: “Writing’s all about getting up every day and staring at a wall.” I laughed out loud. How true.

I read Marty’s book and found it to be a page turner, and very enlightening. I reached out to Marty for an email interview and here is what transpired.

Rue: I thoroughly enjoyed your book and have been showing it, and discussing it, with fellow coppers. I've had about a dozen tell me they're going to buy it. I have seen your c-span interview, and read the Crossing Lines piece you wrote for New City. Very powerful stuff.

Ken Kesey famously said "It’s the job of the writer in America to say, 'Fuck you, God, fuck you and the Old Testament that you rode in on, fuck you.' The job of the writer is to kiss no ass, no matter how big and holy and white and tempting and powerful."

I love the fact that you're giving a big middle finger to the lawyers, the mendacious professors, the corrupt judges, and all those who stand in the way of authentic justice. You clearly stand with the victims and their families. God bless you for that. You've got the balls of 3 men, Marty. I know you wouldn't say that about yourself because your humility is palpable. But it really takes courage to share your story, your insights and your life with the entire world through your writing.

The biggest take away from your book, for me, is how the police have been successfully portrayed as "out of control thugs" and worse. You say that suing the city has become a "cottage industry" amongst several law firms. There are always a few bad apples in the barrel but the police get particularly singled out by the media. A dentist or doorman gets in a DUI crash and there isn't a beep from the media but if the drunk driver is a cop then it rates an "above the fold" front page story. I know the war against the police really kicked off in the 60's with the rise of the New Left. According to Marxist theory the police are the front line 'troops' for the capitalists, who protect the 'exploiters'; and there was a lot of head busting going in the 20's & 30's when Big Labor was in its ascendancy. The radicals were successful in using the '68 convention as an indictment of the Chicago Police department as brutal and violent. Is the animosity simply a holdover from those bygone eras? Any insight into that?

Marty Preib: This is a great question. About halfway through the book I stumbled upon a documentary about the Weather Underground, a group of young people mostly from Chicago who broke off from the Students for Democratic Society to form their own radical, violent group. They went around setting off bombs throughout the 70’s and called themselves marxist revolutionaries. Imagine my surprise when one of them, Bernadine Dohrn, was listed as a professor at Northwestern’s Law School, working on wrongful conviction cases. The media has largely given the Weather Underground a pass. They claim they never killed anyone, but I think that is nonsense. There is a lot of evidence that Dohrn killed a San Francisco policeman in one of her bombings. The San Fran Police Union asked the feds to indict her for this bombing.

But the truth is that the wrongful conviction movement is directly tied to the demonstrations in 1968. Many of these radicals went into higher education, including Dorhn and her husband Bill Ayers. They pushed their radical agenda on the students, mostly in the form of wrongful conviction. When you peel open the evidence in so many of these cases, you see there is very little evidence that these killers are wrongfully convicted or the police did anything wrong at all. No doubt there are police abuses. I'm not denying that. But it is not systemic the way these activists claim. In fact the evidence of systemic corruption is more obvious in their actions, than the cops. The fact is that the wrongful conviction activists have mastered the art of public relations. It helps that they have many allies in the media, who join in on their claims without checking the facts at all. All of this is very apparent in the Porter case. The ties to 1968 are very clear, though, and I plan on writing more about it.

Rue: In the book you wondered out loud why the local media chose, and still chooses, to ignore stories like this. You describe Chicago as a "city that has perfected its own evil - it does so by capturing people's imaginations." (I love that turn of phrase by the way). Why do you think they turn a blind eye to stories such as this and refuse to dig deeper? Why wouldn't the Tribune or Sun times do an expose on Porter or Ealy? On some level do you think it's due to Benjamin Plotinsky's view that we're being brainwashed into believing "black = good, white = bad" by our media? (see http://www.city-journal.org/2010/20_2_liberal-enthusiam.html)

MP: Journalism schools have become hotbeds of radical activism, particularly Northwestern. Journalists like Eric Zorn and Steven Mills echo the claims of these professors without any fact checking whatsoever. Whoever questions them, they assail. Former Tribune journalist Bill Crawford, who broke the Porter case, is a perfect example. When Crawford was trying to get people to listen to him, Zorn and Chicago Reader writer Mike Miner wrote articles about Crawford being unreasonable, volatile, crazy even. Now, all of Crawford’s claims have proven completely correct, but they still vilify him. It’s as if anyone who violates the party line is assailed.

Another reason is that the newspapers and other media have dug themselves a huge hole in covering these cases. You have to remember that the Tribune won a Pulitzer Prize in large part because of their coverage of the Porter case. How is going to look when it comes to light that they won a Pulitzer for a case they got completely wrong, for a case in which they were journalistically negligent? Many of the editors and journalists wish this whole story would just go away.

I don’t know much about Plotkinsky’s theory. It’s just all very depressing. I think these radicals are fanning the flames of racial hatred rather than addressing them as they claim. It’s one of the dark ironies of these stories that these activists are foisting killers back upon the minorities they claim they are helping. They really aren’t helping anyone. They are undermining the justice system. I would like to hold out hope that the racial tensions simmering in these cases will be alleviated. More and more I think Chicago is a hopeless place. This sentiment took over as I researched these cases.

Rue: You described Officers O'brien and Fahey's last day, and how they were murdered by Andrew Wilson on that fateful day February 9, 1982. You also write eloquently in recounting Officer Doyle's encounter with Edgar Hope - and that Hope and Wilson were friends. You point out, and I'm sure most people don't know, that the day that O'brien and Fahey were murdered, the Wilson brothers were "gunned up" and heading to Cook County Hospital to spring Edgar Hope. You wrote on page 46 [Prior to the O'brien/Fahey murders] "In that year, 1982, these police murders were hanging over the heads of every officer, not just as reminders to be careful and events of aching sorrow, but as indications that something fundamental had changed. There was some shift in power they could not fully measure, as if some fate in the city now operated on behalf of the sociopaths, giving them more power. It was not a transient shift, or temporary one, but a shift for all time" --- that is a spot on assessment and it was clearly a shift in the direction of anarchy, not justice. A shift away from a civil society toward a new tribalism. Can you elaborate on that? Who or what was bending the curve in favor of the sociopaths?

MP: I think it was Chicago’s corruption that laid the foundation for this change for the worst. I think the revolution that took shape in 1968 by the activists never faded. It just took new forms. In many ways, they gained more strength and became more organized as they moved off the street into universities, newspapers, law firms and other professional jobs. But it was the weakness inherent in Chicago’s institutions that gave them their real power, the fact that the political establishment tried to buy them off rather than fight them. When Mayor Daley fired Jon Burge, he gave life to this movement that was, up until that point, a kind of laughingstock in the city. Daley threw the police under the bus because he was the state’s attorney when all these allegations against Burge took shape. He did what so many people in power in Chicago do: He made someone else the fall guy so he could preserve his power. So the groundwork was laid long before the wrongful conviction activists became organized. In short, it’s the fact that Chicago is one party political syndicate that gave power to this new chaos. It’s very depressing.

Rue: It's particularly galling that you point out that in 1999 the Tribune ran a bunch of articles assailing the criminal justice system and the Tribune held out the Porter case as an example of righteous injustice. That the law firms (leovy & leovy, et al) began suing the city, prosecutors and police - winning up to $70 million. This may speak to my first question but the Tribune was cheerleading for convicted murderers, rapists and felons and they couldn't be bothered to boil down the facts? Have you had a conversation about this with John Kass? If so, what's your consensus? To what end is the press taking the side of offenders?

MP: Kass has not spoken to me directly about these cases, though I believe strongly that he suspicious of them. I get the feeling that everyone at the Tribune has been told to keep quiet. The Trib is almost bankrupt as it is now. There are journalists who hate these wrongful conviction cases, who know what really happened. They just can’t say what they think. It took me five years to get one article about the Porter case published, Five years, despite the fact that so much evidence old and new shows clearly the Porter was the original killer. And the response to my article: No one will say a word. My former publisher, the University of Chicago Press, praised my book, but the editor told me over lunch he could never get the board at the press to publish a book saying what I am saying about the wrongful conviction movement. What does that say about how political correctness controls publishing? I was flabbergasted when the editor told me this. My first book was the bestseller for them that year. We got good reviews in several major newspapers and they just tossed me aside saying good job, but no thanks.

Rue: I think you’re right about that because a friend of mine who was a reporter for the Tribune told me that stories he submitted were reviewed by up to 10 different people before being published. He says that sometimes he didn’t even recognize his own writing because it had been so sanitized prior to publishing.

You also discuss the Howard Morgan incident when he tried to kill your friend Officer Wrigley, and Wrigley's partners that night. You describe very accurately just how most of us felt hearing this offender shooting at the police and then lying about it in court. I remember the acrimony raised by Morgan's family; how they whined at any press person with a microphone about how Morgan "used to be" the police, implying that Morgan was innocently driving down the street and the "racist" cops stopped him and just started shooting. The hysteria and race-baiting hijinks that accompanied this incident was truly disturbing on so many levels. A judge let Morgan out on bond even though he was charged with 4 counts of Attempted Murder of police officers. A "media disinformation" campaign was launched to discredit and smear the cops, and to bolster Morgan's case during jury selection. I was glad that Wrigley got a chance to say something to Morgan at the hearing (from Wikipedia: "You shot me, Morgan. You came very close to taking my life... you slandered our reputations as police officers. ... you are a fraud." But activist Ted Pearson compares the shooting to an Alabama lynching. The hyperbole is so outrageous - do you see any hope that the Race Hustlers will some day be marginalized and shown for the degenerate creeps that they are?

MP: The Morgan case was an example of this wrongful conviction nightmare moving into my own life as I was writing about it. It was very painful to watch a close friend go through this process, especially as I have interviewed dozens of really great detectives describe the same nightmare emerging in their own lives, merely for catching and prosecuting a killer.

They are very well organized and tenacious.

Of course I hold out hope that the race hustlers will lose out in the end. I couldn’t do this job or write if I felt as if it were hopeless. But Chicago is sort of the bottom of this hell, where these tactics originated and perfected. Sometimes I just want to get the hell out of Chicago, though. I’m sick of the racial hatred and the corruption here. I’ve always wanted to capture the real cost of the corruption in Chicago and I think these murder cases give form to it.

Rue: Sadly I share your misery and cynicism - as many of our brethren in law enforcement do. We see it every day in court rooms, read it every day in our newspapers.It's nauseating to see cold-blooded murderers get released back on to the streets to kill again.

To wrap up, I know you're a big William Kennedy fan and you speak eloquently about his influences on your writing. After finishing your book I couldn't help but think of Steven Pressfield's seminal book on writing The War of Art, and how at the very end he asks the question of The Ages:

“Are you a born writer? Were you put on earth to be a painter, a scientist, an apostle of peace?

In the end the question can only be answered by action.

Do it or don’t do it.

It may help to think of it this way. If you were meant to cure cancer or write a symphony or crack cold fusion and you don’t do it, you not only hurt yourself, even destroy yourself. You hurt your children. You hurt me. You hurt the planet.

You shame the angels who watch over you and you spite the Almighty, who created you and only you with your unique gifts, for the sole purpose of nudging the human race one millimeter farther along its path back to God.

Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It’s a gift to the world and every being in it.

Don’t cheat ous of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.“

Thank you Marty for standing up for what’s right, for having the courage and tenacity to fight-the-good-fight and for giving us a truly remarkable gift.

I urge all my readers to buy this terrific book. You will be surprised at what you don't know.

13 December 2013

Fleecing the membership

Update: The Suntimes is reporting the Shields is now in full CYA mode - lobbing grenades at former, and current, board members claiming that they "fixed" the previous contracts. I say Bullshit on this one! Wag The Dog at its worst. What say ye?
We FOP Lodge 7 members can agree on one thing: Mike Shields sucks.

He makes over $200,000 per year. For some perspective, in 2010 we contributed $1.6 million in dues to the FOP and what did we get for our dues money?

Utter incompetence, malfeasance, skullduggery and a president with the leadership skills of a toddler.

President Michael K. Shields, FOP, Chicago photo michael_shields_zps52350191.jpg

Rope A Dope

Let's all get up to speed on Shields's Greatest Misses:

1. The "Letter of Intent" - Shields forgot to submit a formal letter of intent to either cancel the previous contract and start from scratch, or notify the city that the last contract would just be amended during the next round of negotiations. He missed the deadline to terminate the last contract. What this effectively means is that our Retro check will be delayed; most likely for at least one year. If the city really wants to get down and dirty, they could rationalize cancelling the Retro payment by simply saying a) "we are broke and cannot pay it." b) the union failed in its fiduciary duty to properly advise the negotiating parties and thereby inherently abrogated the previous contract. If they get a sympathetic arbitrator, that could happen. Is it likely? No. But for Shields to expose us to this is indefensible. Even though Shields proffered a public apology to the rank and file, it still looks as if it could be a $20 million dollar mistake. Each one of you could lose up to $2,000 in retroactive pay.

The city attorney has already informally discussed the issue with FOP reps and said,"The Chief City Negotiator is laughing. The FOP has no idea how Rahm is salivating about taking down the biggest union in the city. Rahm's going to punish the FOP like you've never seen."

What the city will do (most like) is this - No retro for the first year. They will frontload the next contract with a 4% raise the first year, then 1% - 1% - 1% for the next. That way they'll save millions on not paying the first year's payment to the membership.

2. Shields also missed a deadline to file an unfair labor practice over the above mentioned issue.

3. The Sun Times reported that Shields is on the company payroll for one of Rahm Emmanuel's biggest campaign contributors. Conflict of interest, anyone?

4. The infamous letter by former FOP employee Carolyn Bentivenga going around. The letter alleges that Shields uses union dues money for vacations, clothes, expensive restaurant meals and other malfeasance. She also claims:

When I started working for Mike Shields I instantly noticed his lack of organization, lack of attention to detail, he had no attention span, no dedication to work, no ability to make decisions, let alone follow up with any action. He was unfocused, immature and appeared to be self-absorbed.

Working for Mike Shields could be compared to working for a child.

(As always, SCC addressed the letter issue and recently on FOP politics here. Check it out.)

Bentivenga's letter simply confirms what many of us have heard via the rumor mill for years about what's going on inside the FOP.

5.In the last meeting Shields removed Bill Dougherty; unceremoniously dumping him back to a beat car. The reason? Because Dougherty and a majority of the board decided to bring Shields up on lodge charges.

The charges brought are:

1) Inattention to duty,

2) Failure to perform and execute the duties of the office of president and

3) Lying to the FOP Membership

Both Dougherty and Aguilar stood up at the last meeting and called Shields a "liar". Keep in mind that Bill Dougherty handles the medical cases for hundreds of members. Some of these members are waiting for resolution to their cases because they're in "no pay" status, want to return to duty, or are waiting for movement on their cases before the medical board. With Bill not in his FOP role anymore, no one is addressing those medical cases.

When Shields was charged, the charter states that a committee must be appointed by the president to investigate the charged member. Shields was asked to recuse himself because he is the one charged. Shields refused and appointed his buddies to the committee and, of course, Shields was found "not guilty." When Dougherty was dumped 90% of members voted to reinstate him for the good of the lodge but Shields refused to comply with the reinstatement, so now Shields is being charged again for "failure to perform the duties of the president."

Hope For Change

Well now we have an officer from district 003 who has taken the bull by the horns and wants to do something about it. From the district fax machine came these little gems:

 photo quarles_3_zps6287e4bf.jpg  photo quarles_3-1_zps9ab40199.jpg  photo quarles_3-2_zpscb6f15f5.jpg

I salute Officer Quarles for doing this but this is not the right tactic at this time. It is like pissing in the wind. It won't do any good because since the president is elected, it takes an election to oust him. Shields won't resign because he's too stubborn and narcissistic. He can't be forced to resign - but he can be impeached. But with 4 months left to go til the election, and with us in contract negotiations, this would be a terrible time to get an impeachment hearing going.

A high ranking FOP State Rep was also at the last FOP meeting and he was overheard saying [regarding the Shields fiascos], "this is the most disorganized train wreck I've ever seen. It's frankly embarrassing."

2014 is Critical

Apathy is our biggest enemy. In the last election only 33% of active members voted. A greater percentage of the 8,000 retirees voted and they put a large number of retirees in office. This isn't good because the retirees have different priorities than the active guys and gals. We must get as many active members to mail in their ballot! It doesn't matter what team you vote for - just vote! Next year I have seen who's going to be running and I am going to support our CityWide Team with all my might because I think they can get the job done.

We have very serious issues to confront next year, not the least is ObamaCare. I have already heard that the city is going to cancel the medical portion of our contract and throw every city employee into a healthcare exchange. They already tried to do that with retiress and we are next.

The city only cares about saving money, not about the health and safety of its first responders. Moving us to ObamaCare would probably save the city about $1 billion in costs. The time is NOW to start getting Shields, and his rump swabs, out of our beloved FOP Lodge 7. Spread the word, and get informed. Ask questions of the guys and gals that come to your district. Get involved; attend FOP meetings. Your future depends on it.

02 December 2013

Crooked City

I've written about the Death Penalty and, no matter the horrors visited upon the victims by some murderous thug, there is always a phalanx of self-righteous people who publicly oppose putting the convicted murderer to death. Moonbats like Mike Farrell, Lily Tomlin and Chicago "writer" Mary Mitchell regularly cry for "justice" for these convicted killers but, I always wonder if they would ever consider the fact that killing the killers would bring some authentic justice for the victims and their families.

No, they probably wouldn't even consider it.

Marty Preib wrote a letter to Mary Mitchell which I'm reproducing here with his permission.

Ms. Mitchell,

I am a writer and Chicago Police Officer currently working on a book about several murders in 1982. I have also followed closely the Howard Morgan case, sitting through much of both trials.

I have read many articles from journalists about controversial cases, but I do not think I have read any as depraved and morally banckrupt as your column today. Your overwhelming bias should banish you from serious journalism.

The reason Howard Morgan was found guilty was that there was overwhelming evidence that he pulled a gun on the officers and fired at them 17 times from a short distance for no reason. Naturally, you don't mention in your tripe that three of the officers were wounded a result of Morgan's firing at them, one saved from a probablly fatal wound to his chest by his vest. Nor do you mention the changing statements of Morgan and his wife throughout his case, the complete and total breakdown of his case during the trial, leaving his attorneys with no argument whatsoever to posit in Morgan's defense. You don't mention the fact that at one point the defense claimed that Morgan never even fired his gun, a claim devoid of reality given the immense amount of forensic evidence.

Then there are the connections you make from this case to Jon Burge and the shooting in Florida. There is nothing even remotely similar in these cases. Nothing. That you would tie them together reveals nothing about the Morgan case save your own despicable bias and racism.

The tide is turning in Chicago. The wrongful conviction movement is collapsing. Journalists, attorneys, cops, and civilians are seeing clearly the abuses of the justice system that have taken place in Chicago, particularly in the Anthony Porter case, where wrongful conviction zealots knowing freed a cold blooded killer for their own profit and celebrity. The most striking feature of this collapse will be the total negligence of the journalists in Chicago. You will be among the worst of them.

If you are seriously interested in rooting our corruption and racism in Chicago, you would do well to start by looking in the mirror.

See you at the sentencing hearing on Thursday.

Martin Preib

Moprah gots herself bitch-slapped! LOL ... Marty wrote the book "The Wagon and other stories" back in 2010 and recently published some works on his blog (Crooked City (See blogroll on the right for the link too). Marty's been working on the Anthony Porter case for years and has done much to roll back the "wrongful conviction" movement. As a matter of fact, he has two videos posted to his Youtube space which show definitively that gang-bangers in 002 and 003 were coached to claim "police brutality" as a ploy to get their charges dismissed or to hit a pay day. That is exactly what Anthony Porter did and it worked. Check out Marty's page, and buy his book. I understand he plans to publish a new book sometime within the next few months. I'll have a review of it, and more info in the coming months. Stay tuned, and a big thanks to Marty for fighting for REAL justice.

Fools for Christ

I've been wanting to write about religion for a while so bear with me. As the Bard wrote "I will be but brief".

Don't let the title fool you - I'm not an atheist, and I don't think all Christians are fools. But just like Lenin identified select members of the Russian inteligensia as "useful idiots" we have our own brand. And you can find a large percentage of them either sitting in church, or preaching from the pulpit.

Most conservatives aren't atheists simply because anyone who is rational, and who possess a modicum of humility, understand that there is a Higher Power at work in each of our lives - even in the lives of Godless Communists like Leftisthebest, Cold Type, and Obama. We also believe in spontaneous order, the rule of law, inalienable rights and natural law - which all presuppose the existence and influence of God.

The impetus for this post is a recent sermon I heard from Pastor Eric Flood at South Park Church. (see audio file here.) Most of the time Pastor Flood does a very good job discussing the week's topic and keeps the focus on spirituality and real-life applications of scripture. I like that he's fluent in ancient Greek and can wheel around the bible with effortlessness; all the while making the message so personal and engaging. It's a tough balance to pull off and he does it with wit and vigor.

Personal Spirituality versus Public Policy

This week's sermon (12.01.2013) was the final discussion on "Exiles" and Eric took the time to quote heavily from I Peter 5. This chapter and verse deals with church elders and early church leadership challenges. Peter defined Satan (v.8) as a Lion that "prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." Eric uses I Peter to admonish the elders that they are to "care for their flock" - as they're the leaders of the congregation and answer to the congregation. Eric even goes so far as to use Wayne Grudem's definition of the Devil ("A personal spiritual being who is in active rebellion against God and has many other Demons at his disposal and whose goal is to destroy you and the Church.")

Forgive me - but what utter dreck! Christianity is obsessed with Lucifer (latin: light-bearer) and to personify him really diminishes what Satan, and Sin, both ultimately are. What did we humans do for the 200,000 years of humanity before Christ died??? But that is for another time and another blog post. If you're interested, CG Jung (1952) exposed the psychotic public persona of the biblical "god" in his monograph "Answer to Job". I strongly suggest it.

The sermon then turned when Eric Flood began what seemed like a harangue - going as far as to state that the elders (or Pastor's) job is not to please everyone within the church (ie. there's no room for consensus) and then goes on to list 3 types of followers within the church:

1. Cynical - those who naturally distrust the authority of the church and who disagree with its leadership.

2. Idealistic - those who have an ideal vision of what the church's message should be and want it formed into a bulwark

3. Realistic - those who are flexible and patient enough to "trust the process" and who support the church's mission of "serving the common good." (Eric's words).

Eric presented these 3 options in a dogmatic manner - as if there really are only 3 types of parishioners in the world. I could count myself as all 3 at one time or another. But for now count me in among the cynics. It's not because I have some in-bred hostility to religion or reject the church and her teachings, but because I take the long-view when it comes to history and mythology. I know that I do not know.

I do know there is a higher power, a Great and Profound Mystery, operating in the Universe and that we are all God's creatures. Our various mythologies show us that there are energies at work in the universe; and those same energies are at work inside each and every one of us.

But what evangelicals teach week in and week out, all across the world is that we must engender a relationship with Christ. It is as if Christ is out there somewhere and we have to praise, supplicate and ingratiate ourselves to some outer diety in order to obtain the goodies (ie. salvation). Did God create us to be His personal rump swabs? (Again; read Answer to Job for a thorough discussion.)

East versus West

What constitutes enlightenment in the West is vastly different from the East. In the sermon Eric actually said some of us have obtained a "sufficient level of spiritual maturity" (What does that even mean?!?!?!).

But I do know that your personal spiritual endeavors are just that - personal. The virtues that South Park church supports - charity, pro-life, good deeds, missionary work, diversity, multiculturalism, and caring for your community are all wonderful if you choose to embrace them in order to unencumbered yourself from from the daily miasma of human existence. Through meditation and prayer we can seek a deeper spiritual understanding of whatever organized religion we follow.

But what we have now is the thread that most American Clergy are entwined with and that is the Social Gospel (ie. The Christian Left) ie. collectivism.

What we have is the atheist Left, using the censorship of political correctness, in an attempt at crushing religion out of existence so that the State can become the 'end-all-be-all'.

Your spiritual development is such a wide open and deeply personal journey, how can it be anything but extremely private? Nobody can put a One-Size-Fits-All template on it. That's why much of the bible's teaching are vague and written in general terms so that it leaves it up the communicant to determine his own path.

Here is the great Evan Sayet on How Liberals Think and notice how he talks about John Lennon's song "Imagine" and how, when you break down the lyrics it is a mandate to destroy society where nothing matters. This is the theme of Moral Relevance that is soul-crushing.

Steely Dan and Buddhism

If you want my two cents on what's wrong with modern Christianity (other than the infusion of Marxist Collectivism) is that it tries to be all things to everyone.

But what is Jesus Christ except the reincarnation of Gautma Buddha, Orpheus and Osiris? It is a story as old as the hills - the King who is ritualistically murdered and reincarnated. THAT should infuse our understanding of Christ's real message. The Ham Naggadi texts, which are ascribed to the Apostle Thomas, aren't recognized by most churches. Even though they've been carbon dated to about the time of Christ and were written by someone who claimed to be part of Jesus' inner sanctum.

The reason The Nag Hammadi texts remain unacknowledged is because they quote Jesus as saying "The kingdom of the Father is here right now and men do not see it." In effect Jesus says that through prayer and meditation, every one can communicate with the Father, and that God is actually inside each of us, surrounds us, and is ubiquitous.

Ask yourself one question: Why was Jesus Christ killed? Answer? Because he said "I and the Father are one." He committed the Prime Heresy. So did the Muslim mystic Hallaj in the year 700AD and they murdered him for saying the same thing.


While we're on the theme of heresy, as I write this I am listening to Steely Dan's "Time out of Mind" --- it is one of the most spiritual songs I've ever heard. Here are the lyrics.

Yea, I know some think it is an homage to heroin but I prefer to look at the symbols employed by Becker and Fagan. The symbols in the song are alchemical.

Keep your eyes on the sky (Look to heaven, our father in the sky, the Yin of the masculine), put a dollar in the kitty (do your devotions either with time, energy or money but do a good deed),

Don't the moon look pretty (the Moon is the feminine - as opposed to the masculine Sun in many myths. The moon is also a renewal symbol and a mandala. The mandala expresses perfection and wholeness.)

Tonight when I chase the dragon (The Dragon in eastern myths is a positive symbol of the Chi energy that brings luck, abundance and good health. Our idea of Dragons is that they guard gold and virgins: Neither of which they know what to do with. Dragons in our culture are mindless, greedy beasts.)

The silver will turn to gold, time out of mind (The alchemical philosophers converted base matter to gold. They hid the true meaning of the "processes" by using allegorical symbols. The base matter (food, drink, and stored sexual energy thru celibacy) was converted into "gold" (i.e.. Chi, or body energy and moved around the body through the various body meridians to achieve a spiritual breakthrough or enlightenment. The Buddhists, and Taoists masters speak of a light that the practitioner brings up the conception vessel culminating at the Crown of the head.) I am holding a mystical stone (see The Monkey King for a discussion of the Stone and how it relates to alchemy and power.)

Time out of mind (In Eastern philosophy, eternal doesn't mean "forever" - it means a place that is transcendent of our idea of time and space. It is a different dimension beyond our simple 3 dimensional concepts. The Taoists have a saying that the sage knows heaven and earth without leaving his hut.) From Lao Tsu's "Tao Te Ching"

Utopianism, ObamaCare & Star Trek

 photo db378e3f-6608-44dd-81e3-a6e4c95ad0ae_zpsa43835ee.jpg What set me off during today's sermon? Pastor Eric began to read (in a modern interpretation) from some document allegedly written by someone called Antony of Bithynia (1st century Asia Minor, aka. Turkey). I have been unable to locate this letter anywhere on the internet so I'm not sure if he was just creating a "skit" of what Antony, Silas and Lucius went through after receiving Peter's letter. This may have been a mock rebuttal from "Antony of Bithynia" that Eric chose in order to make a point.

Regardless, Eric read this "letter" in Antony's voice and expressed how hurt Antony was upon coming back to Bithynia and finding church elders getting into pissing matches over who would serve communion, what type of music Lucius would play on his lyre - and all sorts of issues that is, quite frankly, a part of any body or organization. I don't care if you're a church, a Boy Scout troop or a Lodge of Freemasons - these territorial squabbles are ubiquitous. They are part and parcel of the human condition.

The author of this "letter" then decries the elders as being in two camps: The conservatives, who if the church changed too much, would desert the fledgling organization - and the progressives, who if the church didn't change enough would leave. Antony allegedly states that all the elders were "governed by fear" and this type of conflict would keep people from wanting to be part of the church.

What I took from this was that Eric was telling us today ~ directly ~ that we were to keep politics; liberal or conservative from the hallowed halls of SP Church.

As I said, for spiritual development, you can disregard politics - for a time. What Eric doesn't understand is that this country was founded by Christians who wanted to keep God in the mix but wanted to maintain formal religious organizations from dominating the decision making within the government. And what we have now is an over-arching Federal government who is COMPELLING religious organizations to engage in behaviors and policies which those organizations are opposed to (ie. The Catholic church being forced to provide birth control.) When this type of threat is placed against you and your faith, you BETTER step up and say one is wrong and one is unacceptable.

Silence kills and if we Christians don't confront the abuse threatening to overwhelm us, then we will suffer and eventually lose our ability to worship God in the manner and form which we want to, as the founders envisioned.

As Mark Levin writes in Liberty and Tyranny:

"Reason cannot, by itself, explain why there is reason. Science cannot, by itself, explain why there is science. Man's discovery and application of science are products of reason.

Reason and science can explain the existence of matter, but they cannot explain why there is matter. They can explain the existence of the universe, but they cannot explain why there is a universe. They can explain the existence of nature and the law of physics, but they cannot explain why there is nature and the law of physics.

Science is a critical aspect of human existence, but it cannot address the spiritual nature of man. In this respect science is a dead end around which the Atheist refuses to reason. Reason itself informs man of its own limitations and, in doing so, directs him to the discovery of a force greater than himself - a supernatural force responsible for the origins of not only human existence but all existence, and which itself has always existed and will always exist.

For most, the supernatural reveals itself in the Creator - God. Man seeks God's guidance through faith and prayer. The Agnostic accepts the supernatural, but is not so sure of the form of its existence. The Deist accepts that God created the universe and man's condition but left it to man to sort things out through reason.

Man is more than a physical creature. As Edmund Burke argued, each individual is created as a unique, spiritual being with a soul and a conscience and is bound to a transcendent moral order established by Divine Providence and uncovered through observation, and experience over the ages. There is but one law for all, namely, that law which governs all laws, the law of our Creator, the law of humanity, justice equity -- the law of nature and of nations."

So to Eric I would say - "It's not about Left and Right, it is about Right and Wrong." If we Christians follow the Marxist Left, then we aren't supporting "social justice" and "equality" - we are taking the opposite tact. We are supporting an amoral and God-free zone of moral equivalence where nothing is wrong and we are suffocated by political correctness. Where conformity and equality become the highest goods.

Nothing can be more anathema to America than that!

South Park's mission statement says,"South Park Church exists to walk with God, connect as family and love people in Jesus [sic] name."

If you're an evangelical church which professes to obey God's word then why aren't you vocal on the immorality of the modern Democrat party? This party is endangering the health, and lives, of tens of millions of Americans by compelling us off our insurance plans, and pushing us into healthcare exchanges. ObamaCare will directly cause death, suffering and misery; all the while causing costs to skyrocket and quality to plummet. ObamaCare was founded on lies and deceit. The politicians - our modern Pharisees - told us that they had to pass the bill before we could find out what was in it. Now we have the Federal Gov't (HHS) cranking out 30,000 pages of new regulations. What about the $1.5 trillion in debt that Obama is racking up every year? What about unemployment? What about the millions who've dropped out of the job market and jumped onto government roles?

Forward! All for the good of the People, right?

Is it a moral position to remain silent when confronted with such abuse? When some from your congregation may DIE because everyone stayed silent out of Political Correctness - which is nothing more than FEAR? Didn't Antony of Bithynia exclaim his disgust with the Elders because they all seemed to acting out of fear?

Would organizations like South Park have stayed silent on Jewish murders during Hitler's Germany? South Park takes no public position on the murder and torture of Christians in Syria and Somalis. I've heard Eric support traditional marriage and Pro-Life causes but what can be more important than those if the very lives of your congregation are at stake?

The Democrat party that is bankrupting our citizens. It is promoting theft, murder and debt. It's core positions are fundamentally immoral and people like Eric Flood, South Park's elders, should have the courage to stand before their congregations and decry Obama, condemn Pelosi, Reid and Schumer. The Democrat party is wrong and collectivism should be criticized.

South Park Church, and all churches, should be mindful of the political environment when addressing the needs and concerns of their congregation. This isn't the bridge of the starship Enterprise and, Whoopi Goldberg isn't sitting in 10-Forward ready to dispense wisdom like the Oracle at Delphi. This is real life and we congregants who are concerned and scared for the future of our country would like the church to get behind the conservative movement in this country. Conservatism is the only antidote to tyranny - and bald-faced tyranny is what we are up against.

The last thing I'll say to my brothers and sisters is this: If you live within your means, pay your taxes, live responsibly, take action, take care of your family and friends, work every day and obey the laws then why don't you vote for the party that supports all of those virtues? Why vote for the party that wants to deride those virtues? Vote like you Live!

30 March 2013

Prostrate yourselves before The Gay Mafia

Gay Marriage

Hmmm. What to do with that.

Well I will tell you exactly what you can do with that, and that is to stop using the word marriage and gay in the same sentence. By now it may be already too late, if you believe Rush Limbaugh. Though he's not always right, he's usually pretty close.

In his radio show today, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said defenders of traditional marriage have lost the battle, even though the Supreme Court won’t hand down its decisions for another few months. “I don’t care what the Supreme Court does, this is now inevitable,” Limbaugh said, “and it’s inevitable because we lost the language on this.”
Limbaugh took issue with the idea that the word marriage was already applied to gay couples. Therefore, he asserted, modifiers like “hetero” or “opposite-sex” are now at times added to denote a union between a man and a woman.
“I maintain to you that we lost the issue when we started allowing the word ‘marriage’ to be bastardized and redefined by simply adding words to it – because marriage is one thing, and it was not established on the basis of discrimination. It wasn’t established on the basis of denying people anything,” the radio host said. “Marriage is not a tradition that a bunch of people concocted to be mean to other people with. But we allowed the left to have people believe that it was structured that way.”
Gay people. They've come a long way since the infamous Stonewall Riots in NYC. But it has morphed into a David & Goliath myth; invoking a victimized underclass fighting for its Civil Rights and using violence as a last resort. But is this so? Were Gays so "put upon" that their only resort was to create its own cultural brand? Hardly.


The 1960's saw the birth of several movements; including the Gay Liberation Movement. The New Left infused the debate in the 60's with a new brand of activism. To some it seemed that starting a "movement" was something that could lead to greater glory and personal esteem. We saw that beginning in the 60's a large number of Statist groups came to the forefront to Agitate under the banner of Saul Alinsky. These groups publicly decried for greater "freedoms" and for "liberation" but what they secretly wanted was a society that was unconstrained by the constitution, the church and ultimately God.
Whether the Statist group was black, latino, gay or communist - no matter. The ends justified the means. Each Identity Group began to stake out its claim on the Labor of the US Citizen. And make no mistake: the Statists of the 60's are no different than those that are preaching their "victimhood" today. As Mark Levin so eloquently pointed out on page 15 of Liberty and Tyranny, the Statist can be captured in one snapshot.
"The Conservative must accept that the Statist does not share his passion for Liberty and all the good that flows from it. The Statist does not acknowledge the tremendous benefits to society from the individual pursuits of tens of millions of others. The Statist rejects the Founders' idea of the dignity of the individual, who can flourish through ordered Liberty, for one rooted in unpredictability, irrationality and ultimately tyranny.
It is observed that the Statist is dissatisfied with the condition of his own existence. He condemns his fellow man, surroundings and society itself for denying him the fulfillment, success, and adulation he feels he deserves. He is angry, resentful, petulant, and jealous. He is incapable of honest self-assessment, and rejects the honest assessment of himself by others, thereby evading responsibility for his own miserable condition. The Statist searches for significance - even glory - in a Utopian fiction of his own minds' making, the earthly attainment of which he believes, is frustrated by those who do not share it. Therefore he must destroy the civil society piece by piece. For the Statist, Liberty is not a blessing but the enemy." ~ Liberty and Tyranny, page 15. 
Levin goes on to describe that the Statist, thus put upon by the civil society, and expected to conduct himself in an honorable and responsible manner, realizes that he's encumbered with the anger and petulance, and that he must convince the Individual to be dehumanized and controlled. What better way to do that than through the instrumentalities of government. Because who's going to fight City Hall? Once the government becomes the All-encompassing Leviathan, then the citizen has nowhere else to go BUT to the State.

Pay No Attention to the Queen behind that curtain!

So the GLF starts to agitate for more "rights" (whatever that means, since the last time I checked Gays weren't being denied their constitutional rights; and thrown from buildings and placed into Internment Camps). And now ~ Voila! ~ 40+ years later after all the brainwashing, propaganda and demagoguery - we've finally arrived. Now, the Gay Statist believes, we can officially pressure the court through majoritarianism (ie. Mob Rule) into establishing homosexual marriage as Just the Same As traditional marriage. That way, the Gay Mafia can bypass the ballot box and go straight to the courts to get their warped world view institutionalized. And the Liberal-Straights go right along! Seems that nowadays, Conformity is the highest virtue of the Modern Democrat voter. And we know that every Gay person is just like the funny, witty and stylishly dressed Gay couple in the ABC TV show "Modern family' - right? From Mark Steyn's column today:
Gay marriage? It came up at dinner Down Under this time last year, and the prominent Aussie politician on my right said matter-of-factly, "It's not about expanding marriage, it's about destroying marriage."

That would be the most obvious explanation as to why the same societal groups who assured us in the Seventies that marriage was either (a) a "meaningless piece of paper" or (b) institutionalized rape are now insisting it's a universal human right. They've figured out what, say, terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayers did – that, when it comes to destroying core civilizational institutions, trying to blow them up is less effective than hollowing them out from within.

On the other hand, there are those who argue it's a victory for the powerful undertow of bourgeois values over the surface ripples of sexual transgressiveness: gays will now be as drearily suburban as the rest of us.

A couple of years back, I saw a picture in the paper of two chubby old queens tying the knot at City Hall in Vancouver, and the thought occurred that Western liberalism had finally succeeded in boring all the fun out of homosexuality.

And Steyn demolishes the "interracial marriage" argument here.

SCOTUS tissue

So here we are with SCOTUS hearing arguments from both sides on the Gay Marriage issue. We know how the "lesser lights" on the Supreme Court are going to vote (ie. Sotomayor, Ginsburg and Elaine "Diesel Dyke" Kagan). The only thing their brief will be good for is to wipe your ass with it. Where do I come down on it? I come down on the side of the sovereign individual, and on the side of traditional marriage. You cannot look back at the history of our civilization, including our ancestors who were painting the cave walls at Lasceoux France some 35,000 years ago, and ignore that traditional marriage (ie. between one man, and one woman) was the linchpin of human evolution. What society promoted and enshrined homosexuality and flourished?

Not one. Even Rome fell as a result of the rampant homosexuality that began to flourish after Roman citizens found themselves with too much time and luxury on their hands. From the article:

The fall of the Roman Empire was a result of "the effeminacy of a few in Carthage, a paradise for homosexuals, who infected the many.

"The abhorrent presence of a few gays infected a good part of the (Roman) people," Prof Mattei told Radio Maria, a Catholic radio station.

The Truth

Of course this author took a beating for daring to offend the Gay Mafia and its apparatchiks. You know they've got a society to convert! While less than 3% of Americans are actually Gay, the common belief amongst the population is that between 25 - 40% are Gay. That shows you how effective the Gay Mafia's propaganda machine has been these last 30 years. Everyone knows the story about Matthew Shephard, and while tragic, it was an aberration. But the Gay Mafia pounced on it like a cat grabs a field mouse, and ran with it in order to show "how homophobic America is." Don't believe the Hype. If you want to see what life in these United States of America will be like under a Gay Marriage banner, you need look no farther than Massachusetts. MassResistance put together a nice summation of what the Straights (and their children) have had to deal with since SSM was instituted. It ain't pretty! Back in the day, homosexuality was considered deviant sexual behavior. Gays were considered perverts and sex criminals. Today their lifestyle has been "mainstreamed" through the silver screen (ie. Broke Back Mountain) and TV (Modern Family, Sex and the City). The propaganda is that "they're exactly like you and me." When we know deep down that that isn't the case. Nobody is perfect and in the scope of my experience, many homosexual men that I come in to contact with are sexual abuse survivors. Many were abused at a young age (pre-verbal) and cannot articulate when they "got gay". Instead of demanding that gays deal with their dysfunction and "catch up" to the rest of society, the Liberal-Progressive have deemed that the easier path is to just use government to put the Stamp of Approval on it, and the hell with the ballot box. And just today, Drudge reports that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is outlawing the adoption of Russian children by foreign, Gay couples. How enlightened the Russian premier is! Gay Marriage is coming, of that I'm sure because the sissyfiscation of our country has already started; and combining that with the Low Information Voter creates a vacuum in which ANYTHING can get pushed through ~ all for "the good of the people" in our Brave New World. God help us.